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Social Media Campaign Checklist

Starting to grow your social media presence for your business can be intimidating, but it is absolutely necessary. Getting your accounts rolling can be simplified with a social media campaign checklist. Consumers often look at social media accounts to search for customer reviews, establish the business’s credibility and expand their knowledge. Social media is also

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6 Creative Marketing Ideas in 2019

If you’re still using last year’s marketing plan, you’re behind. In fact, if you’re still following this year’s marketing trends, you’re behind. The key to a successful marketing plan is staying ahead of competitors. You do this by leading the charge into innovative platforms and devices, thinking of enticing products before anyone else, and building

Crowdfunding & Patent Protection

The days of asking grandma for money, waiting on a rich uncle’s inheritance or pestering angel investors are over with the power of crowdfunding on the internet. But beware, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Appbackr and Rockethub contain idea stealing hawks in addition to generous wallets. Plenty of companies steal. Apple is notorious for

How to Design An Email

If you thought getting an organic opt-in email list was hard, well, you were right, but you were also just at the beginning of the email marketing process. Designing the email itself is just as important as capturing those email addresses. If your email blasts come up boring, irrelevant or broken, subscribers will either unsubscribe