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How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

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Forget everything you thought you knew about delivering an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is usually a 15-30 second summary of your product or service, about 100-200 words on paper. But say you do happen to run into your CEO idol in an elevator, a coffee shop, in line at the grocery store. How many times do you think they’ve heard someone tell them about how their company is about to disrupt the industry as we know it?

Instead of stressing over the content of the elevator pitch, which is likely tuned out, focus on these elements:


Dress everyday like you’re giving an important elevator pitch. When you look important and successful, people will believe in you. When you look like a starving startup that can’t seem to get off the ground, that’s an issue. Never seem desperate or frantic. When you believe in your company, the better chances the person your pitching to will too.


Hand shake. Name. Who you are. Why you respect and admire them. Short and sweet, without catching them off guard that they are about to receive a pitch. Not everybody lives there life prepared to be pitched to as you live your life prepared to pitch.


Listen to what they have to say and respect their vibe. Not interested? Don’t push. Open to give advice? Listen, write it down, show you are eager to learn.

Follow Up:

If you don’t have a business card, are you even an entrepreneur? Always give a prospective team member a business card to allow them to visually put your name to your face. Additionally, ask for theirs. An email or phone call later, maybe when your company has made the progress you promised, can make the difference. Timing is everything, just like your run in.

The breakthrough opportunity for your company can happen at any minute. Always be ready!