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6 Healthy Social Media Habits to Boost Your Following

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Social media can be a bit of an enigma. You put a post out there, and people all over the world can see it and like it. When more people like it, your post is boosted in the platform’s algorithm and others are encouraged to like it as well. So how do you turn likes from strangers into a loyal following interested in your business? Data, metrics, and algorithms.

1. Optimize for mobile

Almost 80% of time spent on social media platforms happens on mobile. If you want people to follow your account, pay attention to how your post is written. Does it have a visually structured graphic that draws attention without being too busy? Does the first line of copy have a hook to entice scrollers to click “read more”? If a platform has an app, it will likely optimize itself for mobile viewing, but you are still responsible creating a like-worthy photo and text.

2. Post Regularly

Search engines notice when you consistently post, whether it’s Google monitoring your blog or Instagram monitoring your engagement rate. Followers won’t find an account that posts every few weeks to be a valuable follow. Conversely, an account that posts every hour might be seen as overwhelming. Find a schedule that works for your target audience as well as how much time you can dedicate to your marketing efforts.

3. Use Hashtags

Speaking of engagement rate, hashtags are a WONDERFUL way to get extra likes! People hashtag their photos to get discovered by accounts interested in a similar topic. After tagging words relevant to your topic, consider inventing a brand hashtag specifically for your company. Rothy’s uses several to boost their user generated content and organic social media reach!

4. Share USEFUL Content of Both Your Own and Others

Don’t be afraid to share content from non-competitor blogs that speak on your same topic. By providing articles from other sources, you establish yourself as a trusted news source. Try and find a ratio that works for you. Many follow the 3:2 ratio: 3 from you and 2 from others, maybe adding in promotional content and personal or company content. The ratio can be flexible depending on what you have time for, but as always, don’t waste your followers time by posting fluffy nonsense.

5. Use Influencers

Influencers are hot for a reason right now: millennials don’t want to be sold, they want someone or a brand to identify with. There are influences for every budget, from micro influencers with 5,000 followers to celebrities with millions. Exposure on an account that already has several followers can go a long way if your business is in line with what the influencer’s niche followers like.

6. Pick the Platform Best Suited for Your Goals

Every social media platform has its own demographic. Females love Instagram, adults 40 and up prefer Facebook, formal businesses thrive on LinkedIn, and bloggers can easily share posts on Twitter. If you have limited time, focus on one outlet to really build and drive more brand awareness and website traffic.

Some businesses might even go as far as implementing automation software tools to schedule and follow up with their social media posts and strategies.

Getting started is intimidating, especially when it feels like you’re talking and nobody can hear you. Stay consistent, adapt to what your followers like, and have fun creating your brand’s presence on social media!!