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Business Funding

Empowering Small Businesses since 2015

Fast, Reliable Funding to Propel Your Business Forward.

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Funding Range

$20K - $2M

Approvals as Fast as

4 Hours

Fundings as Fast as

24 Hours

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A+ Rated

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Why FundKite?
Because Payments Should be Flexible.

Why FundKite?
Because Payments Should be Flexible.

FundKite offers a repayment plan based on a percentage of the business’s Gross Sales, until fully repaid.

No minimum payment.

Payments are based on sales, offering protection during slower periods or when no sales occur.

Applications Processed


Serving Business’s

300+ Industries

Working Capital
Common Small Business Uses

  • Boost Cash Flow
  • Support Business Growth
  • Cover Operational Costs
  • Handle Emergencies
  • Purchase Inventory
  • Payroll Management
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Business Debt Consolidation

Easy Qualification

Our straightforward approval process is designed with a business owner's demanding schedule in mind.


We fully understand you need funding, and you need it now!

Direct Funder

By dealing with the source of capital and the decision-makers directly, you cut out unnecessary encumbrances-not to mention any extra fees.

Custom Funding Solution

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. We tailor our funding solutions to match your specific business needs.

Apply With 4 Easy Steps

Submit Application & Bank Statements
Review & Accept Offer
Submit Business Documents
Get Funded

Highly Recommended!

FundKite was true to their word from start to finish in all regards. Generally speaking, the merchant funding industry is not known for the best in accuracy and transparency in their processes. FundKite was absolutely perfect in their transparency, turnaround time, and professionalism. Highly recommend them for expedited funding solutions for businesses.

Daniel Ameer

Adaptive Capital Corporation

Small Business Funding - The FundKite Difference


  • Funding Amount

    $10K - $2M
  • Funding Process

    Submit application and bank statements, if qualified review and accept offer, submit business documents
  • Approval Time

    As fast as 24 hours or less
  • Funding Time

    12-48 Hours of approval
  • Minimum Approval Criteria

    1 Year in business, business bank account, $10K/month gross deposits, 5+ deposits per month

Bank Loans

  • Funding Amount

    $10K – 2M Continuing tightening credit standards make approvals difficult
  • Funding Process

    Application, hard credit check, business plan, tax returns, P&L, financial statement
  • Approval Time

    1 Week - 1 Month
  • Funding Time

    Additional 1-2 weeks after approval
  • Minimum Approval Criteria

    Personal and business credit score, 2+ years time in business, $100-200K min. annual revenue, 50% or lower debt to income ratio, collateral, business plan, personal and business financial statement, legal documentation.

SBA Loans

  • Funding Amount

    Depends on credit
  • Funding Process

    Lengthy application process,
    industry risk, credit inspection
    & business plan
  • Approval Time

    Weeks - Months
  • Funding Time

    2 - 3 Months
  • Minimum Approval Criteria

    Credit score & collateral

Credit Cards

  • Funding Amount

    Depends on credit
  • Funding Process

    Pre-qualify online,
    soft credit pull
  • Approval Time

    Under 30 Days
  • Funding Time

    7-14 Business
  • Minimum Approval Criteria

    Credit score