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Property Manager Funding

Up to $2,000,000 of Funding Available for Your Property Management Company

Interested in funding for property managers?

Property management plays a significant role in the real estate business. As investors expand their assets to meet the demands of the growing multi-billion dollar industry, a new generation of aspiring business owners is finding their footing in property management.
A successful property management company requires a skilled workforce that includes property managers, auditors, attorneys, contractors, and reliable local vendors. Property management can be profitable and fulfilling, but it can turn challenging if you lack the working capital for office space, or are unable to hire the best employees, advertise your business, purchase software, and obtain the necessary licenses and permits. To survive, stay relevant, and expand
your business in such a competitive field, you will require property management financing.
It can be gratifying to start and run a property management company. Guiding tenants in choosing well-maintained, attractive properties not only adds inimitable value to their lives, but property management companies also bolster the real estate community by connecting them to suitable, reliable buyers and renters. With more people opting to rent than purchase property, the market is ready for newcomers and expansion! FundKite recognizes such opportunities demand prompt action, which is why we’ve simplified our property management financing process. With us, your property management start-up dream is just a click away!

Products &
Services We Offer.

Boutique Style Funding

FundKite offers tailored property management financing to small businesses. Our boutique funding model enables our team to understand your business and design a funding solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Property Management Financing Options

FundKite provides funding solutions for your property management business to help you:
Invest in the latest technology
Hire staff
Manage your day-to-day operating costs
Create a robust advertising campaign
Remodel your office
Expand your physical locations
Manage working capital
Purchase equipment
Clear outstanding debts, manage accounts receivable, and pay permit fees.
Handle and pay taxes
Acquire licenses

The Benefits of Financing a Property Manager with FundKite

We understand that every property management firm is unique. FundKite carefully evaluates each business’ standing to make sure our clients receive the finance that suits their business needs. Thanks to our robust evaluation process, even small businesses and established property management companies with bad credit can benefit from FundKite’s financing options. If you meet the criteria, you can raise capital in less than a day with FundKite’s minimal documentation/approval process. When added to a comprehensive business strategy, these funds will boost your net operating income and help you become a successful addition to the growing real estate industry.
FundKite’s suite of customized property management financing options can help your business do much more than just clear debts or purchase brand-new equipment. Thanks to our seamless approval processes and elaborate assistance throughout our collaboration, your property management company can enjoy a well-informed, relaxed financing journey on its way to true success.
Here are some of the benefits of financing a property management business with FundKite:

Quick Approval

FundKite understands you may need capital quickly for a variety of reasons. With our efficient pre-qualified application and financing process, you can pay vendors promptly and get any pending projects started on time. FundKite’s quick approval process helps qualified businesses obtain property management financing in less than 24 hours!

Straight forward Eligibility Criteria: Worried about Your Credit Score or Collateral? We Can Help You!

Bad credit history can be due to many reasons. FundKite accepts credit ratings as low as 500 as opposed to traditional banks that demand scores of 700 or above. If you have a good business plan and a solid financial statement, we will provide you with the property management financing you need to help your business grow. Additionally, FundKite does not require any collateral to fund your business.

Property Management Financing: Small Business? No Problem!

FundKite understands what it takes for a property management company to be successful. We tailor our funding for your small business to be able to perform with maximum efficiency. We thoroughly evaluate your business plan and financial documents to choose the best property management financing solution for your business.

Investment: How Much Can FundKite Offer You?

FundKite can provide up to $2,000,000 in funding your property management company, according to your funding needs.

Absolute Transparency: What We Know, You Know

FundKite believes in complete transparency and doesn’t impose hidden fees or charges on our client’s investments or procedures. Our Revenue Purchase Agreement explicitly states all the terms and conditions of the working capital financing procedure.

Term Lengths Short and Long

FundKite offers shorter-term lengths of up to 220 business days and can provide longer-term lengths when required.

Interest Rates

FundKite does not charge interest rates on its funding options. Instead, we purchase the future receivables of your company. FundKite receives a small portion of the sales when merchants buy from your business.

Why You Need Property Management Financing

Succeeding in the property management industry takes excellent project leadership and client-facing skills. You need to adhere not only to local laws and regulations and keep up with industry developments, but you must also have strong negotiation skills, be able to close deals, and have a solid grasp of your market to attract customers to associated properties. Unfortunately, doing everything on your own can be your company’s downfall. To generate revenue and expand your property management business, you also need office space, and you will need to hire skilled workers and provide your clients with up-to-date technologies. If you need additional financing to manage these fundamental requirements, property management financing might be necessary to stand out from your competitors.
Here are a few ways you can use property management financing:
Invest in Cutting-edge Software and Technology

The property management industry has evolved. Due to hectic schedules, your clients may want to take a 360º virtual tour of properties instead of a physical visit. For real-time property and rental payment updates, clients and landlords today are adapting to cloud-based software. Some clients even pay rent and commissions using cryptocurrencies. Property management businesses need to secure financing to ensure their infrastructure keeps up with these trends.

Equip Purchasing

Your property management company needs to have cutting-edge computers, printers, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), security cameras, safety lockers, and other office equipment and supplies to ensure a seamless and productive working environment. Property management financing will help you make necessary purchases with ease.

Clear Outstanding Debts
Whether due to late vendor payments, credit card debt, or bank borrowing, paying off your debts can help you stay focused on your business. In case you have unpaid debts, FundKite’s property management funding will help you maintain better control of your business
Recruit Skilled Staff
Your employees can make or break your company. To stay competitive, you will need to hire skilled leasing managers, business development managers, auditors, and marketing managers. It’s also important to partner with interior designers and construction professionals to ensure your property management company’s success. FundKite’s funding can support your recruitment drives for qualified candidates.
Purchase Insurance, Licenses, and Permits

Insurance, license, and permit fees for property management can easily burn a hole in your pocket. You can maintain a consistent cash flow while covering these costs using property management financing.

Renovation or Expansion of your Business
We know how crucial it is to make your office space appealing. If you’re looking to expand your business to draw in more clients, having a presence across several cities can be instrumental to your success. FundKite provides property management financing solutions for your company’s renovation or expansion.
Cover Operational Expenses
Our financing options include a range of operational expenses, such as utilities, rental deposits, payroll, taxes, and more.
Ensure Consistent Cash Flow
Maintaining consistent working capital is fundamental for the smooth functioning of any company. It can help you overcome the pitfalls of an unpredictable economy and other challenges. FundKite offers property management financing to help you manage your cash flow.
Marketing and Advertising to Attract Clients
Marketing is necessary for retaining, attracting, and converting leads for your property management company. Creating a website, being involved in social media, running paid ads, and listing your company on third-party platforms will help boost your brand reputation and attract more clients.
Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite

FundKite has provided financing to property management businesses across the United States, and we understand your industry and its challenges. FundKite offers property management financing for your company’s expansion, liability insurance costs, office equipment purchases, technology investments, hiring of qualified staff, and much more.
Here are the minimum requirements and a few things to consider while applying for property management financing with FundKite:
You must have been operational for at least 1 year in the property management business
You must provide at least 4-Months of business bank statement
Your property management company must have an average monthly revenue of $30,000

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

We believe in 100% transparency. FundKite does not charge processing fees or interest rates for securing financing for your property management company.
We consider much more than your credit score when evaluating your business for financing. If you have a solid financial framework, you can receive financing for your property management company in less than 24 hours.
You need proof that you have been in business for at least a year, with monthly revenue of at least $30,000, and a 4-month financial statement from your business bank account to get approved for Property Management Company funding.
FundKite requires proof of one year in business and 4-months of financial statements with average monthly revenue of $30,000.
FundKite usually provides funding within 24 hours to qualified candidates.
Yes, FundKite offers funding options for equipment purchases. Additionally, we provide property management financing options for recruiting staff, investing in software, clearing outstanding debts, managing working capital, renovating or expanding your business, and more.