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Find Funding for Rehabilitation Centers

Up to $2,000,000 of Funding Available for Your Rehabilitation Center

Interested in rehabilitation center funding?

Rehabilitation centers are important limbs of supportive medical care. However, like all health care establishments, they require considerable amounts of capital to function. If you’re looking for funding for a rehabilitation center, you’re at the right place! FundKite offers a range of rehab & addiction treatment center funding options. We understand that apart from being a business, rehabilitation centers serve to care for individuals that need all the support possible to turn their lives around. Whether you’re offering rehabilitation for substance abuse, physical trauma, or mental illness, FundKite has a solution for you!
Apart from the expenses incurred while running a rehab center, your facility also requires considerable working capital to communicate with law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, and doctors. FundKite offers seamless rehab & addiction treatment center funding for business owners looking to keep their capital flow constant. With a transparent process and seamless application approval, rehab owners can get easy access to all the funding they need in the shortest amount of time. Our experienced underwriters will work with you to understand the unique challenges you face in running your business and tailor a personalized funding plan, true to our methods of boutique-style financing.

Transparent Financing for Rehabilitation Centers

Running a successful rehabilitation center entails keeping track of several factors. They include:
Employing full-time medical, auxiliary, mental health, and maintenance staff
Providing high-quality in-house treatment facilities
Liaising with legal and law enforcement professionals
Licensing & registration
Keeping up with new advancements in the field
Even with state and federal funding, running a rehabilitation center can quickly turn into an expensive affair, which is why FundKite is here to address all your financial concerns. We provide straightforward financing policies for addiction treatment centers. With our fast-paced funding process, you can:
Set aside funds to renew licenses and hire specialist practitioners such as psychiatrists, therapists, and nurses
Upgrade your facility to make it a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center
Keep up with payroll obligations irrespective of government funding
Invest in continued education for your staff to remain updated with the latest developments
Offer seamless referrals to your patients by working with specialist doctors, lawyers, and criminal justice professionals
Out-compete your competitors by providing the most holistic, comforting, and transformative services to your patients
Invest in marketing programs to gain referrals from other medical institutions looking for specialist rehabilitative care for their patients
We know that apart from being essential medical institutions, rehabilitation centers also fulfill an important purpose in the services economy. FundKite offers several customizable solutions to make financing your rehabilitation center very simple! These include:

Easy Approvals & Quick Access to Funds

FundKite offers the fastest approval times to business owners looking for rehab & addiction treatment center funding. Our firm avoids the unpleasant bureaucratic processes of banks and instead focuses on fast & thorough assessments of the applicants to provide quick turnaround times. With a real-world approach to financing, we understand the criticality of the business you operate, and believe in making funds available to you within 24 hours following approval. In certain cases where the approved amount is a larger sum, we might take up to 48 hours to transfer the amount to your business bank account.

Avoid Interest Rates

FundKite does not charge interest on borrowed funds. It instead relies on a unique repayment model. Our firm collects a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your sales/accounts receivable towards the repayment plan. Thanks to this mindful and holistic approach, you repay us only when your rehabilitation center thrives! Business owners can avoid the tangle of paying high-interest rates and instead focus on improving the services they provide to their patients.

Say Hello to Short Repayment Terms

Our firm provides variable and short-term funding options to its customers. With carefully designed models for financing addiction treatment centers, we’re able to offer loans for short-term lengths going up to 220 days. Based on the amount borrowed and the nature of the usage of these funds, borrowers can also opt for longer repayment terms.

FundKite remains committed to offering the best funding options for those seeking dedicated rehab & addiction treatment center funding, irrespective of the purpose. With our seamless financing options, you can avoid cutbacks and instead expand your facility’s potential to better compete in the market.

Boutique-style Funding Services

Every business is unique and has several specific requirements that are often overlooked by conventional financing institutions. However, with our boutique-style approach to funding, you can rest assured that you will receive a financing plan that is tailored to not only your business but also your approach.

We consider a variety of factors such as your projections, your business plan, and your existing requirements to build financing options that fit into your vision for your business.

Committed Underwriters for Committed Businesses

When you’re looking for funding for rehab centers, you’re bound to have questions regarding the process and the details contained within the contract. However, you can be sure that our team of experienced underwriters will guide you through every part of the process, so you understand the various facets of the funding plan for your business needs.

While offering invaluable services to those in need, we know that you also aspire to run a prosperous business. Our underwriters consider several variables when writing up a plan for you, instead of imposing a ready-made option that’s often unfit for the nuanced nature of your business.

Why FundKite Should Be Your Go-to Financier

FundKite’s expertise and dedication to providing your business with the best financing options come with added benefits. These are:
Our financing programs for those looking for rehab & addiction treatment funding come with simple qualifying terms. Instead of rigid, one-dimensional criteria, FundKite considers your business plans, estimated projections, market value, operating costs, and long-term business ideas. With our comprehensive approach to finance, you can be sure of qualifying for our programs without having to worry about your credit score.
It can be frustrating for businesses to find hidden fees after been approved for a particular sum. FundKite, on the other hand, has no hidden fees for its services, and clearly states all the charges on the first page of the Revenue Purchase Agreement. Our representatives are always open to questions and ready to guide you through the terms of the document and the process of funding, so you can get back to business without any confusion.

Rehabilitation centers are among the most important medical services offered to the community. Apart from helping individuals escape abuse, they also promote the return of individuals to communal life, encouraging harmony in society. FundKite values the contributions of rehabilitation & addiction treatment centers. After review, you can receive up to $2,000,000 in funding for your business. Our financing options are built to enrich your business’ capabilities and provide a gateway to mutual growth.

FundKite circumvents the bureaucratic approach to financing. Unlike banks that take several days to process applications, FundKite ensures a rapid process that takes 24 hours or even less! Our policies are structured around building a lasting business relationship with our borrowers instead of making them wait for their funds. This allows us to offer you the quickest approval and disbursement times, suited for essential services such as rehabs.

The Benefits of Financing Your Rehabilitation Center With FundKite

Businesses like rehabilitation centers can benefit from financing in several ways:
Gaining a competitive advantage
Improving outreach due to targeted marketing efforts
Enhanced networking capabilities with law firms and hospitals
Improved treatment outcomes due to specialist medical professionals and staff
Handling complex cases in-house and cutting down referral expenses
Avoiding fines and penalties by renewing licenses on time
Increasing patient inflow due to enhanced facilities
Why Rehabs Require Funding
Apart from new developments in the field of mental health and rehabilitation medicine, addiction centers and rehabs also have several other factors that warrant seamless cash flow. To remain at the forefront of providing critical care to those that require it, rehabs need a combination of tools and facilities to make it happen. Here’s why you should consider financing if you own a rehab facility:
Buying the latest medical equipment
Hiring specialist staff like behavioral experts, therapists, psychiatrists, attending physicians, nurses, and auxiliaries
Renewing licenses and certifications to remain relevant
Offer continuing education prospects to your staff to remain at the forefront of providing quality healthcare
Purchasing medical-grade consumables
Expanding your facility and making it comfortable for in-house patients
Paying rent, utilities, and managing other running costs
Paying staff salaries
Applying to FundKite’s Financing Programs
FundKite has seamless application processes that work to provide you with quick access to capital in short periods.
What You Will Need
Here’s what you will need when applying to FundKite’s straightforward veterinary financing programs:
Monthly revenue of at least $30,000
A business plan covering all the aspects of your rehabilitation center
Four-month bank statement
At least one year’s experience in running a rehab & addiction treatment center
Application Process
Submit your business bank account statements along with a filled application form
Review and accept FundKite’s offer
Share your detailed business plan for your rehab facility with us, along with proof of experience
Receive the funds in your bank account in 24 hours!
If you’re seeking funding for your rehab center, FundKite is your go-to option! With the most customer-centric processes and quick disbursals, we’re sure to have a unique option for you.

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

Though FundKite does look at your credit score, our approvals do not rely merely on its unidimensional aspects. Instead, we take a look at a variety of factors such as cash flow management, business potential, and projections to grant approvals.
While the approval amount relies on your business’ potential, FundKite offers up to $2,000,000 in funding for rehab & addiction treatment centers.
FundKite does not rely on collateral to approve funding. Only in cases where the approved amount is used to buy equipment, FundKite will consider the purchased equipment as collateral for the borrowed funds.
Before you apply to FundKite, you require at least one year of experience running a rehab facility, four months’ worth of bank statements, a complete business plan, and at least $30,000 in monthly revenue.
FundKite does not charge any interest rates on the sum it lends. Instead, we receive a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your accounts receivable, allowing you to pay only when your business succeeds!