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Veterinarian Practice Financing


Veterinarian Practice Financing

Advances in veterinary research have revolutionized animal healthcare like never before. This has drastically changed the landscape of pet health and the services veterinarians are expected to offer. With pet owners more aware than ever, veterinarians need to address pet health with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Needless to say, setting up advanced diagnostic machines, renting an office, maintaining sterile spaces, and offering comfortable waiting areas requires a considerable amount of capital. Standalone practitioners looking to set up a private clinic or a hospital need veterinary practice financing that addresses these unique requirements. Like conventional healthcare setups, veterinary practices rely on high-quality surgical tools, medical consumables, auxiliary personnel, and pharmaceutical supplies.
Along with high investment costs for setting up a private practice, strict regulations necessitate compliance with the highest standards. Veterinarians also need to keep treatments affordable to sustain their practice and promote their setup as patient friendly. Bearing all of these considerations in mind, the responsibility of nursing unwell animals, places a major burden on vets. This is where FundKite comes in! Conventional institutions like banks often place too much emphasis on rigid norms and credit scores. On the other hand, FundKite’s veterinary practice financing options are simple and straightforward, so you focus on doing what you do best – saving lives!

Products &
Services We Offer.

As a healthcare setup, veterinarians are faced with myriad challenges, such as:
A shortage of trained staff
More continuing education mandates
Providing hands-on training to auxiliary staff
FundKite accounts for all of these operational challenges and requirements to provide you with a solution that works for your clinic’s growth. FundKite’s services entail:

Short-term Financing & Easy Repayments

FundKite prides itself on being able to provide short-term financing options to veterinarians looking to secure funding. With most term lengths at 220 days, our clients can even choose variable repayment periods over longer periods.
Whether you need the money to upgrade the tech at your hospital or to offset unseen expenses, FundKite is here to help you out, no matter the nature of your financial necessity. Our options are based on a holistic approach to help our customers achieve maximum growth for their veterinary business. FundKite’s approval processes are fast-paced, thanks to our sound understanding of customer needs.

Boutique Style Financing for Veterinary Businesses

Fundkite’s veterinary business financing includes tailored funding solutions for doctors that are looking to improve their practice. Our unique approach takes into account all the variables at play when you’re at the helm of a veterinary clinic.
We understand that you’re also a small business owner in addition to being a doctor. FundKite’s experts are trained to help you figure out what works best for your veterinary business so you can build a dedicated patient pool and promote your establishment’s reputation with pet owners.

Quick Turnaround Times & Clear-cut Funding

Our practices are transparent and quick, ensuring you don’t have to step away from your responsibilities for too long when securing funding. FundKite’s representatives are sensitive to all your concerns. We aim to build a lasting relationship with you while addressing all your financial necessities.
That’s not all. With FundKite’s straightforward approach, you can be sure of revamping your practice with the latest medical tools to give you an edge over your competitors. In a field that relies on near-constant scientific improvements, losing out on upgraded tools is not an option for any veterinarian that aims to provide top-notch care.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Underwriters

Customer satisfaction takes center stage at FundKite, enabling us to answer all of your questions regarding your clinic’s financial future. We take extra care to guide you through every technicality and leave no stone unturned in unpacking all the aspects of our services.
With experience spanning multiple business disciplines, our experts will configure a financial solution best suited to your veterinary business. Explore our veterinary practice financing options to start planning your neighbourhood’s go-to pet clinic!

Funding without Interest

FundKite does not follow the traditional interest-based model when it comes to financing your practice. Instead, FundKite collects a small portion of your practice’s account receivables. This means your repayment plan is tied to your success, ensuring greater transparency and a mutually beneficial business relationship!

The Benefits of Financing Your Veterinary Business with FundKite

FundKite has lent over 900 million USD to businesses across the market. Apart from our straightforward approach to funding, FundKite also offers unique perks when you choose to do business with us:

Say Goodbye to Qualification Concerns

FundKite wants your practice to succeed as much as you do! We avoid rigid financing parameters and focus less on your credit scores. Instead of one-dimensional credit score figures, FundKite prefers an overall approach, considering factors such as business potential, projections, estimated patient flow, and an overview of your financial statements. This comprehensive analysis enables us to help you fulfil your dream to provide best veterinary healthcare.

Timing Is Everything

At FundKite, we understand how valuable time is for healthcare professionals. For vets looking to be financed at the earliest, we have good news for you! FundKite approves qualifying funding requests within 24 hours, ensuring that your practice is all set to receive funds at the earliest. Our enthusiastic approach is driven by our understanding of ground realities and an emphasis on hassle-free financing.

Partnerships Over Moneylending

Veterinary clinics and hospitals are essential aspects of the healthcare infrastructure and the services economy. As a small business, we understand that veterinary practice financing is integral to helping you achieve better animal health. Given our proximity to animals in the modern age, their well-being is directly linked to ours, underscoring the necessity of quality vet clinics. FundKite looks forward to supporting your endeavors and focuses on investing in the future your practice deserves.

Transparency at the Forefront

FundKite’s unmatched transparency serves to help you understand every condition of the funding so you have the clarity you need. The financial support we provide is tailored to fit your unique necessities. Our experienced staff will take you through all the intricacies of the terms and conditions involved to enable you to address every concern and doubt without hesitation. FundKite also has no hidden charges and mentions the funding amount and associated expenses on the first page of the funding agreement.

Why You Need Veterinary Business Financing

Veterinary sciences are a constantly evolving field. Apart from keeping yourself and your staff up to speed with new techniques and data, you also need to follow the regularly updated norms set by governing authorities. Apart from this, veterinary businesses also face immense competition and need to carefully carve out their patient pool to remain sustainable. For veterinary practitioners, reasons for funding include:
Purchasing medical, diagnostic, and surgical equipment.
Continuing education for yourself and your staff.
Setting up a comfortable waiting area for pet owners and their pets.
Paying wages to your staff.
Expanding your existing practice.
Adhering to changing codes and norms.
To set up a robust operation theatre for surgical procedures.
To install autoclaves and in-house sterilization units for maintaining sterile fields and instruments.
Recruiting specialist veterinarians and providing multidisciplinary care to your patients.
Paying rent, utilities, and other operational expenses.
Marketing your veterinary practice and establishing a reputation among pet owners.
Considerations Before Applying
FundKite offers quick access to funds up to $2,000,000 in 24 hours. With our easy financing options, we’re consistent in our efforts to ensure you never face a cash crunch.
Core Requirements
Here’s what you will need when applying to FundKite’s straightforward veterinary financing programs:
At least a year’s worth of experience in running your veterinary practice
A monthly revenue of at least $30,000
A sound business plan and strategy to support your aspirations
A four-month business bank statement
What You Need to Do
Fill out the application and submit it along with the bank statements
Review and accept FundKite’s offer
Submit your business experience documents and the business plan for your veterinary practice
Receive the funds in your bank account!
FundKite’s financing services for your veterinary practice are bound to help you grow your setup and attract more patients. From updating existing infrastructure and tools at your establishment to investing in specialized training for your staff, you can be sure of achieving the desired treatment outcomes for your patients.

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite

Over the years, FundKite has built a solid reputation as an alternative finance company with funding auto repair shops across America as they thrive and grow.


We focus on established businesses that want to grow their capital and expand their services. To be considered by our team, your business:

Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

FundKite does not require any collateral when applying for veterinary practice financing.
FundKite does not evaluate only your credit score. Instead, we examine your business prospects, the business plan, cash flow management, and the amount of experience you have run a veterinary clinic. Bad credit scores are not the only consideration when we make our decisions.
FundKite offers financing for terms of up to 220 days. We follow a variable model and determine the term on a case-by-case basis.
Fundkite does not charge interest on the amounts it provides to its clients. We instead receive a mutually agreed upon percentage of your accounts receivable, helping both parties benefit from the funding process.
FundKite provides up to $2,000,000 for veterinary practice financing. The final amount depends upon your eligibility and our evaluation of your business plans.