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Auto Repair Shop

UP TO $2,000,000 AVAILABLE Funding for Auto Repair Shop.

Auto Repair Shop Funding.

A challenge always makes room for opportunity. While owning and operating an auto repair business is often demanding, there is also vast potential for growth. Owners need to continuously invest their energy, time, and money into building and growing auto repair businesses. With smart investments, small business owners like yourself can reap significant returns, making the effort worthwhile and sealing your shop’s success.
However, even with the right attitude and drive, the overheads of running an auto-repair shop can be overwhelming. How can you efficiently handle these financial hurdles while managing your business without added stress?
Auto repair shop financing is a great way to ensure funding so that business owners have adequate funds to pay for their growth strategy. You can also maintain your operations, pay for utilities and human resources, and take care of repair or expansion by financing your auto repair shop.
There’s plenty of room for small and medium-sized business owners to make their mark in the auto repair industry. However, the expenses involved in running this kind of business may vary widely. Therefore, it’s important to have auto repair shop financing available for added support at all times.
The cost of appliances and equipment in an auto repair shop is continuously rising, from engine hoists and vehicle lifts to air compressors and power tools. As cars get smarter with enhanced automation and fuel-saving technology, you need to ensure that your auto-repair facilities upgrade their equipment regularly to keep up with the competition and maintain relationships with their loyal customers.
More expensive cars need higher insurances and liability coverage. The additional cost is often passed over to the end customer. However, with the right auto repair shop financing, you can get enough funding to cover these rising expenses without letting your customers bear the brunt of increased service charges. Happy customers lead to recurring revenue and healthy business growth.
As with any customer-facing business, the location of an auto repair shop in an area with increased traffic means that your shop is more likely to have increased footfall. Rent and taxes in such crowded areas are very high, so financing your auto repair shop is an effective way to ensure your business flourishes without compromising on location.
Auto repair shop financing offers a robust, dependable financial solution that overcomes many financial roadblocks while running your business. Any savvy small business owner knows that it takes money to make money. Fortunately, auto repair shop financing provides funding options customized to fit your business plan and meet your customers’ needs.
At FundKite, we offer a quick, transparent, and seamless process for funding auto repair shops. From small, local, standalone shops to nationwide chains, we provide a transparent and easy way to get the additional working capital you need to prosper. Check out how FundKite revolutionizes auto repair shop financing below!

Products &
Services We Offer.

Conventional banks provide business loans at high-interest rates, require collateral, good credit scores, and a mountain of tedious and often confusing paperwork. These factors can act as significant roadblocks for small businesses that need funding to grow and scale their operations at the right time.
Auto repair shop financing with FundKite is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs with solid business plans and healthy financial statements, ensuring a simplified, hassle-free financing process.

Short-Term Financing.

Short-term financing ensures variable repayment times (from 1-5 years) and methods, including sales-based or revenue-based repayments. FundKite has shorter term lengths going up to 220 business days. We don’t focus on your credit score but take a more comprehensive look at your business. We pride ourselves on quick evaluations that deliver the funds you need within 24 hours.
FundKite offers hotel funding options such as working capital to buy equipment, hire employees, market your business, remodel and expand your services, clear any outstanding debts or taxes, and purchase inventory if required.
FundKite gives you the financial freedom you need to make the right decisions for your hotel business to survive, grow, and thrive. We offer hotel funding that allows you to borrow the capital you need over the short term and repay it quickly with your profits. Our process is much quicker and more efficient than traditional bank financing.

Boutique Funding

FundKite offers customized financing solutions tailor-made for your hotel’s growth and development. With our personalized approach, we develop hotel funding options to set your business up for success.

Experienced Underwriters

Enjoy a rapid and efficient application process for hotel financing with the help of our skilled underwriting team. We pride ourselves on offering 100% transparency in all our communications. Our team will take you through the process without hidden charges or fees.

No Interest Rates

FundKite does not apply any interest rates for the hotel funding we provide, which differs significantly from traditional banks’ operations. Instead, we purchase your business’ future receivables by collecting a small percentage of your sales when your customers pay for the services rendered at your hotel or motel.

The Benefits of Financing Auto Repair Shops with FundKite.

FundKite’s financing for auto repair shops will provide your business with the working capital to pay for operational costs like labor, equipment, staffing, and utilities. It also allows you to envision and carry out your goals for growth and expansion.
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Total Transparency

Absolute transparency is paramount to the FundKite team. Our skilled underwriters and staff will explain every detail of the Revenue Purchase Agreement to you. We pride ourselves on being straightforward with our clients and partners. The funding amount and fees are displayed prominently to avoid confusion, without any hidden charges.

Rapid Turnaround Times

We understand that you need working capital at the right time to make efficient changes to your small business. At FundKite, we want you to get your funding as soon as possible. Qualified applicants can even receive the funds they’re approved for 24 hours after submission.

A Comprehensive Viewpoint

Our team is always on your side! Instead of getting hung up on credit scores, we take a comprehensive look at your business plan and financial statements when approving your application.
When you choose FundKite to back your business, you are sure to stand out from the competition!

Setting Up Small Businesses for Success

We believe that small businesses are the core strength of our communities. The joy we get from supporting your business and seeing it thrive is unparalleled.

Why You Need Auto Repair Shop Financing.

Why is auto repair shop financing important?

Whether you are setting up a new business or need to give your existing business a nudge in the right direction, an auto repair shop always requires working capital to survive and thrive. This dependable funding helps cover slow periods when there is little revenue. For example, you may spend more than you make if you place large orders for parts and accessories yet to be sold. Your business may also face an unexpected cash crunch if you have a sudden appliance breakdown. During these times, auto repair shop financing can be a welcome boon!

Auto shop financing is also valuable if you need to:

Invest in new appliances or technology

Train and upskill your staff on the latest methods or techniques

Upgrade your tools and equipment

Onboard additional staff in preparation for a busy season

Add extra products or services to your business offerings

Cover daily expenses

Clear old debts

Pay for rent and utilities

Invest in renovations or expansions

Scale up marketing campaigns

Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite

Over the years, FundKite has built a solid reputation as an alternative finance company with funding auto repair shops across America as they thrive and grow.


We focus on established businesses that want to grow their capital and expand their services. To be considered by our team, your business:

Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

FundKite does not require you to put down any collateral when applying for auto repair shop funding.
To get approved, we require proof that you have been in business for at least a year, with monthly revenue of at least $30,000, and a 4-month financial statement from your business bank account.
FundKite provides up to $2,000,000 as auto repair shop financing after evaluating your eligibility and funding needs.
You need proof that you have been in business for at least a year, with monthly revenue of at least $30,000, and a 4-month financial statement from your business bank account to get approved for hotel funding.
FundKite offers short-term lengths of as little as 220 business days. We also consider longer terms when required.
FundKite is transparent about its terms and conditions. The funding amount and fees are displayed on the Revenue Purchase Agreement. Our trained underwriters will thoroughly review the agreement with you to help you avoid any confusion.
If approved, you should receive the funds you need within 24 hours.
We take a comprehensive look at your business before approving your application. As long as you have a solid business framework and healthy financial statements, your low credit score should not affect your ability to receive funding.
Unlike traditional bank loans, we do not charge interest rates while providing auto repair shop financing. Instead, we collect a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.