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Florist business funding

Up to $2,000,000 of Funding Available for Your Florist Business

Florist business funding

Running a flower shop is difficult. Florists have to deal with a perishable inventory and seasonal demand patterns when managing their businesses. Peaks are often spaced far apart and managing the lull in the intervening periods requires patience and capital. If you run a flower shop, FundKite’s straightforward and transparent florist business funding is designed to help you grow your shop irrespective of the operational challenges you might face. Thanks to an interconnected world, new trends are always emerging in the market, making it imperative for florists to keep up with the latest advancements in the industry to remain relevant. Alongside attractive offerings, your flower shop also needs a marketing plan in place to reach prospective customers. If you’re planning on offering an all-around service, a
delivery van is more of a necessity than an option. Lastly, and the most important of them all, customer service has become increasingly relevant, given the expectations of the modern consumer.
Though setting up a florist business might not be straightforward, having FundKite by your side can ensure your business remains as fresh as daisies, seeing consistent customer traffic. FundKite differs from conventional financial services because it relies on an overall assessment of your business capabilities instead of rigid figures and norms like credit scores. Our experienced underwriting team works to promote a mutually beneficial business relationship and ensures you receive the capital you deserve. Read on to know why FundKite is the best financing option for your florist business!

Products &
Services We Offer.

Florists can be faced with several operational difficulties and requirements that necessitate additional capital. With FundKite’s florist business funding options, you can address common concerns such as:

Short-term Funding

FundKite offers several short-term financing options with variable repayment terms. Our unconventional models provide short-term lengths going up to 220 days. However, FundKite also allows its customers to choose longer repayment terms based on the capital borrowed.
Regardless of your requirement, FundKite works tirelessly to deliver the funds to your bank account within a 24-hour window. In cases where florists require larger sums, we might take up to 48 hours to deliver the funds. FundKite’s transparent processes were established to help you upscale your flower shop and maximize your revenue.

Tailor-made Funding Options for Florists

FundKite adopts a boutique-style financing approach to secure your business’ future. Our solutions are unique and personalized to suit the distinctive facets of your flower shop business. From improving your store to providing delivery services on all major occasions, we’re ready to help you with the capital you require.

Florists are an important part of the local economy, providing sustainable services to customers by sourcing material from local suppliers and farmers. FundKite values these businesses for their contributions to the community and hopes to enable more florists to achieve their dreams.

Unmatched Turnaround Times & Approvals

With the shortest turnaround times, FundKite ensures you needn’t step away from your business for too long when applying for funding. Unlike FundKite’s seamless processing practices, banks and other large financial institutions often rely on an arduous bureaucratic process to process approvals. With our practical approach to financing, we ensure quick funding to help you get those bouquets out on time!

Say Goodbye to Interest Rates

At FundKite, interest rates are a thing of the past, and we adopt a novel perspective on capital funding. Instead of paying high-interest rates on the sum you borrow, a percentage of the sales from the flowers you sell will be collected by FundKite. This ensures that business owners can stop worrying about paying hefty interest rates over a long-term repayment schedule.

Seasoned Underwriters

FundKite’s underwriters come with expertise across several fields. No matter the number or the nature of the questions you have regarding financing for your flower shop, our team is ready to answer them all. Our underwriters will explain every single facet of the funding contract so you have a clear understanding of all the components involved.

FundKite’s underwriters will take into account all the influencing factors at play in the industry to configure a financial plan suited to your business. They also consider your aspirations for your flower shop to help you achieve five-star status in the market.

Why Choose FundKite?

FundKite, unlike traditional financial institutions, works to provide businesses from all walks of life with the funding they need. We ensure our enthusiasm matches your aspirations to help both parties mutually benefit from the transaction. Here’s why florist business funding from FundKite should be your top choice:
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Short Waiting Periods, Guaranteed

Our representatives avoid the bureaucratic-style approach to funding as seen in large financial institutions. FundKite’s personalized and tailor-made funding policies allow us to expedite applications so we can deliver the funds to you at the earliest. Keeping you waiting is neither in the interests of your business nor ours. Our approval times are often clocked within 24 hours so that you can meet your capital requirements without delay.

Honest & Transparent

When borrowing from FundKite, you will be taken through every aspect of the contract. Our terms and conditions are straightforward, with the funding amount and the associated expenses mentioned on the first page of the contract. If you have any questions, our representatives will guide you through the contract to ensure you understand all the terms. Our services do not entail hidden charges and are always custom-made to suit the various necessities of your flower shop.

No Rigid Criteria

Our florist business funding programs are built to make funds accessible to florists from every walk of life. Our emphasis is more on your business plans and your approach to growth rather than on one-dimensional eligibility criteria and credit scores. FundKite believes in a comprehensive outlook that includes sales, market fluctuations, inventory, staffing costs, projections, and a long-term growth projection. We rely on the unique aspects of your business to empower you with the financial capital you require to realize your dreams.

Made for Small Businesses

FundKite recognizes florists’ role in building sustainable economies. We understand the unique challenges faced by flower shops in a competitive market where multiple businesses are vying for limited customer pools. Upon reviewing and assessing your business capabilities, you can receive up to $2,000,000 in funding from FundKite to revamp your flower shop business.

Why Florists Need Funding

Customer requirements are rapidly changing, and in an evolving market, small businesses such as flower shops need to be adaptable to change to provide high-quality decorative solutions to their clients. With multicultural themes becoming all the more prevalent, flower shop owners also need to enhance their capabilities and source exotic flowers to provide an attractive set of offerings. A few reasons to look for florist business funding include:
Purchasing inventor
Upscaling existing facilities to expand your client network and take up more orders
Marketing programs to target a variety of demographics and promote your business
Procuring vehicles to supplement your business with a delivery service
Paying staff wages and hiring auxiliary staff during peak season
Purchasing tools and equipment to better preserve flowers
Purchasing consumables and artistic supplements to make creative arrangements
Paying rent, utilities, and other expenses
Managing slumps in demand and offsetting costs during off-season

Application Considerations

FundKite looks forward to offering seamless access to capital with its quick approvals and transparent contracts. You can be approved for up to $2,000,000 within 24 hours so you get the money you require in the shortest possible timeframe.

Application Requirements
All applicants must have:

At least one year’s experience being a florist and running a flower shop
A monthly revenue of at least $30,000
Bank statements spanning four months
A detailed and viable business plan for your flower shop
The Process
Enter all the necessary details in the application form and submit it with bank statements
View and accept FundKite’s funding offer
Send us your proof of business experience and any other requested documentation for your flower shop business.
Receive the funds in your bank account!
FundKite provides easily accessible financial solutions to business owners that are looking to do more with their flower shops. Whether you want to expand your inventory to provide more diversified options to your clients, or to begin making deliveries, you can count on FundKite to be by your side in all your endeavors.

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

All of FundKite’s fees are clearly stated on the first page of the Revenue Purchase Agreement. Transparency and simplicity are central to FundKite’s operations, and our underwriters will guide you through every portion of the contract to understand its terms.
While FundKite does take a look at your credit score, our decisions are based on a more comprehensive set of factors instead of a single modality. We consider your business’ prospects, cash flow management, and market trends before making a decision.
FundKite requires proof of at least 1 year of business experience, a minimum of $30,000 in monthly revenue, and a recent bank statement spanning at least 4 months from your business bank account for processing your application.
FundKite does not require any collateral for providing capital.
FundKite offers up to $2,000,000 in florist business funding. The final approval amount depends on your business plans and eligibility.