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Construction Financing for Contractors

Up to $2,000,000 of Funding Available for Construction Contractors

Interested in construction contractors funding?


The construction industry requires both high upfront investments and a regular inflow of capital to deliver durable structures to clients on schedule. Needless to say, construction financing for contractors is rarely optional. Given the many variables involved in the business, reserve capital is often a necessity. Despite consistent demand, you might face staffing issues, weather delays, payment hold-up, and last-minute modification requests from your clients. Along with existing considerations, the rising costs of construction materials and sudden spikes in workload are also critical factors that impact contractors. With FundKite’s seamless construction financing for contractors, you can be sure of fulfilling all of your commitments despite the vagaries involved in the industry.
Our robust construction company funding options are here to help you maintain cash flow throughout project durations. Whether you’re awaiting approvals from the authorities or facing drawn-out negotiations from your clients, we can help you keep up your payroll commitments. With much-needed funds in your bank account, you can not only fulfill your obligations but also expand your business to take up newer and larger projects. Our in-house underwriters are sure to help you find the financial solution you require, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the market and the factors that impact the construction business at large.

Quick Funding for Construction Contractors

From hiring tradesmen and masonry contractors to procuring heavy equipment to support projects, financing for construction companies needs to be an all-inclusive package that addresses multiple requirements. Infrastructure undertakings often present unique challenges that require additional finances to address. If not accounted for, this can quickly throw a wrench in your plans and stall your projects. With FundKite’s comprehensive financing for construction companies, you can secure your projects with:
Maintaining a professional and skilled workforce throughout the project length

Procuring high-quality construction materials

Purchasing or leasing construction vehicles and equipment
Keeping up with local, state, and federal regulations
Expanding your company to accept large-scale contracts
Maintaining reserve funds to hire extra personnel at any given point in the project period
Procuring insurance for your equipment and high-value projects to protect your work from theft and accidents
Construction firms are integral to local economies as they contribute to the infrastructure of the area. FundKite looks to support your business by offering much-needed capital with attractive benefits. With our financing, you’re sure to receive unique perks you’ll find nowhere else:

Forget About Interest Rates

Unlike conventional financial institutions like banks, FundKite does not follow an interest-based model for the funds it provides. Instead, we collect a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your accounts receivable to repay the funding amount.
Not only does this allow you to avoid paying high-interest rates on the capital you borrow, but it also gives you the flexibility to repay us only when your construction firm thrives! With interest concerns effectively off the table, you can devote all your energies to bettering your construction firm with the sum you receive from us.

Tailor-made Financing Options for Construction Contractors

Why settle for rigid financing plans that don’t factor in your business’ nuances when FundKite provides a customized set of options? Our seasoned underwriters are well-aware of the numerous considerations that construction contractors need to make throughout the cycle of a project. Alongside the expenditures involved in delivering completed infrastructure, you also have to focus on expanding your firm.

FundKite’s unconventional approach to financing construction companies offers ideal options tailored to fit your firm’s necessities. Along with your estimated requirements, we also consider your long-term ambitions and the business plans integral to actualizing your dreams.

Funding for Short Repayment Terms

FundKite provides capital for short-term lengths going up to 220 days. Our firm also offers variable term lengths for contractors that are looking for longer repayment periods. We ensure you receive the approved funds in your business bank account within a 24-hour window.

For sums that are larger than usual, FundKite might take up to 48 hours to deposit the funds into your account. Our financing terms are designed to establish mutually beneficial business prospects for both parties, so you can achieve sustained growth and enhanced capabilities over the long term.

Expert Underwriters for Seamless Funding

FundKite prides itself on having a team of seasoned underwriting professionals that work to prepare an all-around funding strategy for your construction firm.

Financing for construction companies usually entails several deliberations and a detailed analysis of all the different components of the projects involved. With our team, you can be sure of receiving the most informed approach to real-world issues faced by construction firms. With sensitivity to your requirements, our experts will guide you through the various aspects of the contract to ensure you’re aware of all the terms involved. Our veteran team of professionals is here to help so that you can focus on what you do best: build quality infrastructure on time!

Quick Approvals & Easy Funding Access

With FundKite’s straightforward and transparent funding methods, you can expect quick approvals and easy access to money. Construction businesses might require capital injection during any stage of the project, and we're aware of the urgency with which contractors often require monetary support. To ensure you face no delays in fulfilling your commitments, we make the funds available to you at the earliest, with the approved amounts reaching your bank within a 24-hour window.

Our practical philosophy for financing construction companies allows us to consider all the unique issues you face while completing building projects, such as managing governmental regulations, staff variables, and inventory shortages.

The Benefits of Financing Auto Repair Shops with FundKite.

FundKite’s financing for auto repair shops will provide your business with the working capital to pay for operational costs like labor, equipment, staffing, and utilities. It also allows you to envision and carry out your goals for growth and expansion.
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Total Transparency

Absolute transparency is paramount to the FundKite team. Our skilled underwriters and staff will explain every detail of the Revenue Purchase Agreement to you. We pride ourselves on being straightforward with our clients and partners. The funding amount and fees are displayed prominently to avoid confusion, without any hidden charges.

Rapid Turnaround Times

We understand that you need working capital at the right time to make efficient changes to your small business. At FundKite, we want you to get your funding as soon as possible. Qualified applicants can even receive the funds they’re approved for 24 hours after submission.

A Comprehensive Viewpoint

Our team is always on your side! Instead of getting hung up on credit scores, we take a comprehensive look at your business plan and financial statements when approving your application.
When you choose FundKite to back your business, you are sure to stand out from the competition!

Setting Up Small Businesses for Success

We believe that small businesses are the core strength of our communities. The joy we get from supporting your business and seeing it thrive is unparalleled.

Why FundKite is Ideal for Construction Financing

FundKite’s construction financing for contractors is among the most adaptive and customer-centric in the industry, thanks to several benefits:
Business-centric Financing
By providing society with a much-needed framework, be it for residential, public, or commercial spaces, construction firms are integral to the development of urban and rural communities alike. Following a quick and detailed analysis of your application, you can receive up to $2,000,000 in funding for your projects or to expand your business.
Transparent Processes, Seamless Funding
FundKite ensures our clients are educated on every aspect of the Revenue Purchase Agreement. We do not have any hidden fees or charges and state all the costs to our customers on the first page of the contract. FundKite’s staff will walk you through all aspects of the document and ensure you’re aware of all the terms and conditions contained within.
Easy Qualification, Guaranteed
Instead of fixating on rigid criteria like credit scores alone, FundKite considers a range of different factors that allow us to determine your eligibility for funding. Apart from the cash flow management at your construction firm, we also account for business plans, market potential, demand, and revenue to ensure you receive the capital you deserve. FundKite believes in promoting progress and is on your side when you apply to our firm for financial assistance.
Rapid Funding Times
We’re aware that as a construction contractor, you might be faced with sudden expenses arising from unforeseen requirements for project completion. Bearing this in mind, we offer funding at the fastest possible times in the market. We ensure our processes are completed within 24 hours, so you never have to worry about placing projects or payroll commitments on hold due to unexpected expenses.

Why Construction Financing for Contractors is Essential

Apart from varied demand patterns in the market and the rising costs of materials, construction companies may require funding for several reasons:
Staying prepared to offset unexpected costs in the projects you undertake
Expanding business capabilities to accommodate more projects and take up larger contracts
Purchasing cutting-edge machinery and equipment to support your operations
Procuring all licenses and permits from the authorities to ensure all your infrastructure is certified
Marketing your company and brand to attract a like-minded clientele
Hiring specialist tradesmen like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters to further support your operations
Insuring your equipment, business, and projects against accidents, thefts, and losses
Investing in employee training to meet safety regulations and quality standards
Employing highly skilled professionals to handle the technical aspects of your projects

Considerations Before You Apply

Our accommodative funding solutions are open to all construction contractors. With the following considerations in mind, you’ll be able to unlock the potential of your business with tailored financing options:

Basic Requirements
A bank statement spanning 4 months
Monthly revenue of at least $50,000
Comprehensive business plan with long-term projections
A minimum of one year’s experience in running a construction contracting business
Application Steps
Turn in a completed application attached to your business bank account statements
Review and accept our offer
Submit your proof of business experience and business plan for your construction firm
Receive the funds in your bank account!
Construction businesses run on the seamless capital flow. FundKite is committed to providing you with all the financial assistance you need to deliver quality projects to your clients!

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

FundKite’s boutique-style financing solutions can help your construction firm purchase new equipment, fulfill payroll obligations, expand business capabilities, purchase business insurance, employ specialist tradesmen & professionals, improve marketing efforts, and much more!
FundKite does not require collateral for offering financial assistance to construction contractors.
FundKite looks at a variety of factors when considering your application for funding. Along with business plans, we also account for cash flow management, revenue reports, and projected market value to evaluate your application. While we do look at your credit score, it is not the only determinant of your eligibility for financing.
You will require a bank statement spanning four months from your business bank account, at least $50,000 in monthly revenue, a comprehensive business plan, and at least a year in the construction business before you can apply to FundKite’s funding programs
Unlike banks, FundKite does not follow an interest-reliant model to offer funds to its clients. Instead, we collect a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your accounts receivable. This not only helps you avoid exorbitant interest amounts but also helps you repay us only when your business is making it in the market!