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Hospitality Funding: Find Financing for Your Hotel

UP TO $2,000,000 AVAILABLE Funding for Auto Repair Shop.

Interested in hospitality industry funding?

In the hotel industry, ‘service comes from a manual, but hospitality comes from the heart. Whether your hospitality business is a family-run bed and breakfast or a chain of boutique hotels, the value of customer service and sound facilities cannot be overlooked.
Customers remember the quality of their experience long after the price is forgotten. To offer outstanding hospitality, your accommodations and services need to exceed expectations! Hotel funding acquired at the right time can mean the difference between success and failure.
Securing hotel financing allows hotel owners to fund their businesses while covering the costs of remodeling and constructing new premises, along with equipment upgrades, staffing requirements, and operational expenses.
The hospitality industry is notoriously volatile. You may be able to recognize and deal with problems on the horizon, but sometimes you may face roadblocks that hit you when you least expect them.
Hotel owners must navigate low occupancy during the off-season, implement efficient marketing strategies, and create a personalized stay for guests to gain recurring business.
How can you set your hospitality business up for success? Hassle-free hotel funding is the answer! In the hospitality sector, you need to invest money to make money. You can get the wiggle room and cash flow you need to optimize your business by leveraging hotel financing.
At FundKite, we offer a quick, transparent, and seamless process to finance your hotel. We provide an easy way to procure the additional working capital you need to succeed.
Check out how FundKite is changing the game with optimal hotel financing options below!

Products &
Services We Offer.

The conventional way to secure hotel or motel funding is to approach a bank for a business loan. Unfortunately, your chances of success are limited if you don’t have an excellent credit score or dislike prolonged approval processes with confusing paperwork and high-interest rates. That’s why FundKite breaks the mold when it comes to financing a hotel.
Hospitality funding with FundKite is a new and improved solution for hotel owners and entrepreneurs looking to step up their game! All you need is a solid business plan with healthy financial statements, and you can then scale your operations at the right time!

Short-Term Financing.

Short-term financing ensures variable repayment times (from 1-5 years) and methods, including sales-based or revenue-based repayments. FundKite has shorter term lengths going up to 220 business days. We don’t focus on your credit score but take a more comprehensive look at your business. We pride ourselves on quick evaluations that deliver the funds you need within 24 hours.
FundKite offers hotel funding options such as working capital to buy equipment, hire employees, market your business, remodel and expand your services, clear any outstanding debts or taxes, and purchase inventory if required.
FundKite gives you the financial freedom you need to make the right decisions for your hotel business to survive, grow, and thrive. We offer hotel funding that allows you to borrow the capital you need over the short term and repay it quickly with your profits. Our process is much quicker and more efficient than traditional bank financing.

Boutique Funding

FundKite offers customized financing solutions tailor-made for your hotel’s growth and development. With our personalized approach, we develop hotel funding options to set your business up for success.

Experienced Underwriters

Enjoy a rapid and efficient application process for hotel financing with the help of our skilled underwriting team. We pride ourselves on offering 100% transparency in all our communications. Our team will take you through the process without hidden charges or fees.

No Interest Rates

FundKite does not apply any interest rates for the hotel funding we provide, which differs significantly from traditional banks' operations. Instead, we purchase your business' future receivables by collecting a small percentage of your sales when your customers pay for the services rendered at your hotel or motel.


FundKite’s financing for auto repair shops will provide your business with the working capital to pay for operational costs like labor, equipment, staffing, and utilities. It also allows you to envision and carry out your goals for growth and expansion.

Clear and Transparent

When you apply for hotel financing at FundKite, you receive access to working capital customized for your business’s unique financial goals and requirements. Our staff will go through the terms and agreements and provide all the answers you need to resolve any concerns or confusion. We have no hidden charges or fees, and our Revenue Purchase Agreement states the funding amount and expenses right on the first page for easy reference.

Rapid Release of Funds

Once your application is approved, FundKite’s team releases the funds immediately so you can receive your funding in 24 hours. We know that timing is paramount in the hospitality industry, so we ensure that we provide the finances you need when you need them!

Apply and Qualify Easily

FundKite’s team of underwriters is on your side! We want to provide you with the tools you need to grow your business, and we make this possible with hassle-free hotel financing options.
Instead of focusing only on your credit score, we take a more holistic view of your business before approving your application. We consider the health of your operations, the strength and feasibility of your business plan to attract guests, and your financial statements before we make a decision. This process dramatically improves your chances of getting approved for hotel funding quickly and easily!


The FundKite team supports small businesses, as we believe they are the backbone of communities nationwide! We are proud to help entrepreneurs and hotel owners crush their business goals while providing opportunities for employment and spearheading economic change. After we evaluate your hotel financing requirements, you can receive up to $2,000,000 in funding to support your hotel business!
Get ready to stand apart from the competition when you secure your hotel funding from FundKite!

Why You Need Hospitality Financing

Why You Need Hospitality Financing

Cut-throat market competition makes it difficult for hotel owners to keep up with changing trends in the hospitality industry. You need financial freedom and adequate capital funding to stay ahead of the competition and help your business grow. But many hotel owners find it challenging to secure hospitality financing, as investments in this industry are generally considered high-risk loans by traditional banks.

These challenges can be overwhelming sometimes. However, finding the right hotel financing option is easy when you know where to look!

FundKite’s customizable hotel funding can be used in various aspects of your hospitality business. Our skilled team has the experience and understanding of the hospitality industry to allocate funds successfully while making your dreams come true!

As a hotel owner, you may need hospitality funding to pay for the following:
Maintenance and renovation to improve recreational spaces like spas, pools, gyms, and restaurants.
Upgrading the hotel’s aesthetics, function, and structural integrity
Expanding your property or setting up other hotels to build a franchise
A dynamic marketing strategy to endorse your hotel’s name and maximize its presence and generate revenue
Payment towards licenses
Compliance with statutory norms
Recruitment of trained staff to improve services and ensure customer satisfaction
Maintaining an excellent staff-to-customer ratio in anticipation of busy seasons
Maintaining an excellent staff-to-customer ratio in anticipation of busy seasons
Cleaning and sanitation requirements
Operating expenses, including rent, employee wages, water, gas, electricity, inventory purchases, and supply orders.
Investments in equipment and small appliances
Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite

FundKite can help you maintain your cash flow and ease the burden of daily business operations. You can then realize your full potential with funding of up to $2,000,000 in as little as 24 hours.

Here are the minimum requirements and a few things to consider while applying for hotel financing with FundKite:

You must have at least one year’s experience in the hospitality business
You must provide at least a 4-Month business bank statement
Your hotel must have an average monthly revenue of $30,000
You should have a good business strategy and a solid financial framework.
Financing a hotel through FundKite can give you the funding you need to grow and expand your hotel franchise or buy the necessary equipment to increase footfall. So whether you need the funds to bankroll recruits, build a state-of-the-art pool or gym or acquire a Michelin star chef for your new restaurant, FundKite provides you with the financial freedom you need to achieve new heights in the hospitality business!

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

FundKite offers short-term lengths of as little as 220 business days, but we also consider longer terms when required.
FundKite is entirely transparent about its transactions. The funding amount and fees are displayed clearly. In addition, our trained underwriters will thoroughly review the agreement with you to help you avoid any confusion.
FundKite provides up to $2,000,000 as hotel financing after evaluating your eligibility and funding needs.
FundKite does not require you to put down any collateral when applying for hotel funding.
You need proof that you have been in business for at least a year, with monthly revenue of at least $30,000, and a 4-month from your business bank account to get approved for hotel funding.
Unlike traditional bank loans, we do not charge interest rates on our hotel financing options. Instead, we collect an agreed-upon percentage of your sales. As a result, if your sales drop, so make your payments!
We consider your business framework, experience and time spent in business, overall sales and revenue, financial statements, and cash flow management before we approve your applications. Though we do look at your credit score, a low score will not negatively impact your chances of acquiring the funding you need.