Landscaping Business Funding


Landscaping Business Funding?

Despite the recent demand for a more attractive curb appeal in residential and commercial real estate, every business owner experiences dry patches, thorny regulations, and weedy competitors. Landscaping business funding can help you navigate the industry’s ups and downs.
A landscaping business requires a steady stream of equipment, ready transport options, investment in raw materials, and skilled laborers for projects. When you have to keep up with payroll demands, bring new talent on board, invest in the right tools, and stock up on raw materials to boost profit margins, landscaping business funding will provide you with the working capital needed.

The proper flow of capital supplied at the perfect time might be what your landscaping business needs to move ahead! No matter your goals, having access to sufficient funds will make it easier for

you to make strategic decisions for your business while harnessing significant opportunities that come your way.

At FundKite, we understand the need for landscaping business owners to take appropriate steps to ensure their organizations are profitable in the long run. Therefore, we provide customizable, robust, and comprehensive funding for landscaping businesses. With sufficient capital, we are confident that you will be able to take your business to the next level!
With FundKite, business owners can easily access funds under clear and transparent conditions. Your business plans drive customized offers for landscaping business funding. Find out how FundKite can support healthy growth for your organization below.

Products &
Services We Offer.

Access to consistent working capital is vital for the success of your landscaping business. Through FundKite’s seamless process, you can secure the funding you need to help your business thrive! This includes:

On-the-Spot Funding

At FundKite, landscaping equipment financing is rapid and stress-free. Our staff will approve short-term funding for landscaping businesses for up to 220 business days after evaluating your business plans.
With the changing seasons, landscaping business owners need to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Our streamlined process ensures that many of our clients receive their funds within 24 hours once their application is approved. As a result, you can take advantage of every business growth opportunity when you have access to your funds at the right time.

Bespoke Funding Offers

Every industry has its unique challenges, and landscaping businesses are no exception! However, every business owner tackles challenges differently. At FundKite, we recognize your need for the freedom to make your own decisions about your business. Therefore, we offer highly customized funding proposals tailored to your individual goals.

Proficient Underwriters

FundKite has a team of experienced underwriters who takes you through the streamlined landscaping financing process. We ensure you have the clarity and information to make sound decisions about your financing options. In addition, our staff will carefully go through the intricate conditions of the agreement with you, including the payment terms, without any hidden fees or charges.

Trouble-free Payments

Traditional funding from banks comes with high-interest rates, and complicated application procedures, often with no guarantee of success. Instead of struggling with all that red tape, FundKite makes it easy for you to secure financing for your landscaping businesses.
We keep things simple by collecting a mutually agreed upon, small percentage of your business’s accounts receivables. Every time your customers pay for your landscaping services, we receive a small amount from the transaction. This way, you can stay focused on customer satisfaction and growing your business while taking advantage of our easy-to-manage, affordable payment plans.

The Benefits of Financing Your Landscaping Business with FundKite

FundKite’s financing for auto repair shops will provide your business with the working capital to pay for operational costs like labor, equipment, staffing, and utilities. It also allows you to envision and carry out your goals for growth and expansion.
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Perfect Transparency

We pride ourselves on clear and 100% transparent communication with our clients. Our skilled staff will take you through our detailed Revenue Purchase Agreement, which covers payment terms and a tailor-made landscaping financing plan to help your business grow.

Full-scale evaluations

Unlike traditional lenders, banks, or investors, we do not base our approvals for your funding applications only on your credit score. Although we consider your credit score, we also take the time to review your organization’s business plans and strategies before deciding on your landscaping financing application. From landscaping equipment financing to providing funds for staff recruitment, transport, or overheads, FundKite offers customized financing for all our clients.

Accelerated funding

At FundKite, our streamlined processes are developed to facilitate the release of funds as early as 24 hours after your application is approved. We know that funding for landscaping businesses is incredibly effective when given at the right time so that owners like yourself can take advantage of the perfect business growth opportunity.

Satisfactory funding

Once you apply to FundKite for landscaping financing, you are guaranteed the best outcomes for your efforts. If your application is approved, based on fair and comprehensive evaluations, you could receive up to $2,000,000 in funding. At FundKite, customized financing models and easy payment plans are the best way to partner with our clients for their growth.

Why You Need Landscape Financing

Strategic funding can breathe new life into your business! The right working capital can bankroll investments in new equipment, raw materials inventory, and upskilling staff. A steady source of funds can give you enough breathing room to make financially sound decisions for business growth.
Landscaping equipment financing allows you to invest upfront in the machines you need to boost efficiency and improve productivity when providing on-site services.
With the help of FundKite’s funding for landscaping businesses, you can upgrade your services and finance new initiatives. These may include but are not limited to:

Why is auto repair shop financing important?

Whether you are setting up a new business or need to give your existing business a nudge in the right direction, an auto repair shop always requires working capital to survive and thrive. This dependable funding helps cover slow periods when there is little revenue. For example, you may spend more than you make if you place large orders for parts and accessories yet to be sold. Your business may also face an unexpected cash crunch if you have a sudden appliance breakdown. During these times, auto repair shop financing can be a welcome boon!

Auto shop financing is also valuable if you need to:

Applications for licenses, permits, and documentation are required to set up and operate your business.
Monthly rental costs, down payments, or mortgages for your office space.
The construction costs for new branches.
Investment in trucks or vehicles for the transportation of tools and materials to different sites.
Upgrading or remodeling retail spaces.
Purchasing new landscaping equipment.
Renting or buying storage space for materials needed in different projects.
Updating security systems.
Making insurance payments.
Adding advanced billing and accounting systems.
Employee salaries and benefits.
Setting aside funds for marketing initiatives or partnerships.
Fundkite offers solutions that ensure you have the tools you need to drive your organization toward success!
Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite


When approaching FundKite for your landscaping financing needs, we advise you to consider the following requirements:

Over the years, FundKite has built a solid reputation as an alternative finance company with funding auto repair shops across America as they thrive and grow.


We focus on established businesses that want to grow their capital and expand their services. To be considered by our team, your business:

First, your landscaping business should be up and running for at least one year.
You must provide at least four months of bank statements from your business accounts.
Your business must earn at least $30,000 per month from your landscaping operations.
Finally, you should have a comprehensive strategy for business development to share with us as part of your application.
A business plan is an often underrated but handy tool. It can help your organization stay focused on its goals while providing a yardstick to measure your growth over time as you crush your goals.

Essential Aspects to Follow:

You can take advantage of FundKite’s easy application process and targeted funding plans to receive up to $2,000,000 as working capital for landscaping businesses. You will likely receive the funds in as little as 24 hours after your application is approved.

Get in touch with FundKite for simple and effective landscape business funding, and get ready to grow your business!

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

FundKite will consider longer terms of funding if your business needs it. However, we usually offer term lengths as short as 220 business days.
We offer up to $2,000,000 in working capital once your application for landscaping financing is evaluated and approved.
If your landscaping business has been operational for at least a year, and you can show that you have earned at least $30,000 in monthly revenue, then you can apply for funding. After evaluating your application and four months of bank statements from your business accounts, we will dispatch your funds if your application is approved.
No, FundKite does not expect you to provide collateral when you request financing for your landscaping business.
FundKite’s detailed Revenue Purchase Agreement clearly describes all the terms and conditions associated with your funding application. Our skilled and knowledgeable employees will also go through the process and clarify any doubts you may have, ensuring that there are no hidden charges or fees.