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Funding for Childcare Centers

Up to $2,000,000 of Funding for Child Care Providers available

Interested in child care providers funding?

There is no job more rewarding than looking after, young children. Opening a child care center is an excellent way to use your compassion and skills to provide kids with a safe, playful environment, while lending a helping hand to new mothers and working parents. Your passion for helping families and your community may inspire you to open a daycare. However, the costs of setting up and running a child care center can be prohibitive.
As a childcare provider, you may want to review all the possible options for funding child care centers, including federal, state, and private resources.
The right financial decisions will allow you to invest in appropriate resources. You can provide kids with a nurturing environment while ensuring that your business model stays profitable.
As is true for all small business owners, prospective childcare providers must take the right steps to ensure their businesses are sustainable. At FundKite, we are proud to provide funding for childcare centers that promise to improve the health and quality of life for children and families in local communities. Find out how FundKite can help make your dreams a reality!

Products &
Services We Offer.

Instant Funding

FundKite approves short-term funding for your child care center for up to 220 business days. In addition to your revenue and financial statements, we also look at your business plans before approving your funding application. Our approval process is fast and efficient, ensuring that you receive the money you need at the right time to facilitate key, time-sensitive business decisions. Many of our clients receive their funds within 24 hours once their application is approved. Access to swift funding enables you to collect the revenue you need to grow your business and ensure faster repayments.

Personalized Programs

The daycare business has unique challenges, and every care provider has a way of dealing with opportunities and roadblocks. At FundKite, we celebrate your individuality as a business owner and provide tailor-made funding proposals that cater to your goals and needs.

Talented Underwriters

Our talented team of underwriters is trained to take you through the funding process for childcare centers and ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge you need to make a clear, informed decision. They explain the intricate details of the application process and the terms and conditions of your agreement. We are 100% transparent about our transactions and keep you informed of all the payments you need to make, ensuring there are no hidden fees or charges.

Easy Payments

Unlike traditional banks or funding providers, we do not charge high-interest rates on the funding provided to your childcare center. Instead, FundKite collects payments by receiving a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your business’s accounts receivables. Every time your client or customer pays you for the services they sign up for at your daycare center, we receive a small amount from the transaction. We make it easy for you to stay focused on running your business instead of worrying about repayments and high-interest rates.

The Benefits of Financing Child care Centers with FundKite

FundKite’s financing for auto repair shops will provide your business with the working capital to pay for operational costs like labor, equipment, staffing, and utilities. It also allows you to envision and carry out your goals for growth and expansion.
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Clarity and transparency

FundKite prides itself on the honesty and integrity of our employees and staff. They are clear and transparent when communicating with our clients about their application process. In addition to customized and targeted financial assessments, they also go through our comprehensive Revenue Purchase Agreement lists, which give a detailed overview of the terms and conditions.

Comprehensive checks

At FundKite, we believe in our clients’ potential to succeed in their business endeavors. So, we take the time and effort to comprehensively evaluate your business plans and strategies while looking over your application for daycare center funding. While traditional funding providers and banks may reject your application based on just your credit scores, we go the extra mile and consider your organization’s prospects, growth, and cash flow before making our decision.

Expedited funding

Our experience has taught us that businesses need funding at just the right time to make the largest impact on their growth and revenue stream. With the time-sensitive nature of business funding, we ensure that our approval process is rapid and efficient. We aim to release funds as early as 24 hours after your application is approved. Childcare funding provided at the right time can help you take advantage of opportunities that spearhead your future business growth.

Adequate Financing

Applying to FundKite for childcare center funding can be the best decision you make for your business, as you can receive up to $2,000,000 if approved. Our fair and comprehensive evaluations consider your business strategy and model, so we can give you adequate working capital to carry out your plans. At FundKite, we believe in partnering with our clients for better business growth.

Why You Need Child Care Business Funding

Regardless of your motivation for entering the early care and education field, starting and operating a childcare business is both a personal and a business decision. What sets this business apart from others is that it comes with a sense of responsibility towards the families who place their children in your care.

As daycare providers, you are expected to follow federal, state, and local regulations and standards when offering healthy and safe environments for children. Many childcare centers also go beyond just meeting children’s basic needs to stand out from the competition. They tie up with key organizations in the community to ensure that families have access to high-quality programs that encourage children’s development by providing activities that stimulate physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.

When starting a childcare program, you may want your childcare business, capabilities, and goals to align with your work to be personally rewarding. You also want your business to match the needs of your community so it is financially viable. However, keeping up with the expenses of running such a business can be overwhelming! Through strategic funding, a little working capital can give you the breathing room you need to make financially sound decisions.

Financing your childcare business using FundKite facilitates smooth operations and bankrolls new initiatives that improve your revenue stream while boosting customer satisfaction.

These may include:

Applications for licenses, permits, and the documentation required to operate your daycare center
Monthly rental costs, down payments, or mortgages for your space
The construction costs for new branches in other communities
Upgrading or remodeling the center
Installing extra equipment
Buying new tools or resources for children’s education and development
Adding storage space
Updating security systems
Making insurance payments
Installing new billing and accounting systems
Paying employees on time, along with other benefits like insurance
Allocating funds for marketing, partnerships, or other business growth initiatives
With funding for childcare centers from FundKite, you are well-equipped to steer your organization toward sustainable growth without added stress!

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite


When applying with FundKite for childcare funding, we advise you to consider the following requirements:

Your childcare center must be operational for at least one year.
FundKite must have access to at least four months of bank statements from your business accounts.
Your business earnings must be at least $30,000 per month.
You should be ready with a comprehensive business plan to achieve your goals.

Important Aspects to Follow

You can use FundKite’s easy application process and customized funding plans to get up to $2,000,000 as working capital for your childcare center operations. You will likely receive the funds in as little as 24 hours after your application is approved.

FundKite’s streamlined process makes raising funds for your daycare center as easy as the ABCs! Get ready to spread joy in your community by providing state-of-the-art childcare services while crushing your business goals!

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

No, FundKite does not expect you to provide any collateral when you apply for funding.
You need to first show evidence that you have been in business for at least a year before applying for funding. You must prove that you earned at least $30,000 in monthly revenue. We will also ask to see four months of bank statements from your business accounts.
We offer up to $2,000,000 in working capital once your application for child care center funding is evaluated and approved. We provide tailor-made agreements based on the unique business needs of your daycare center.
FundKite offers term lengths as short as 220 business days but will also consider longer terms if required for your business goals.
FundKite’s detailed Revenue Purchase Agreement clearly describes all the terms and conditions associated with your funding application. Our skilled and knowledgeable employees will also go through the process and clarify any doubts you may have, ensuring that there are no hidden charges or fees.