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Financing for Wholesale and Distribution Companies

UP TO $2,000,000 AVAILABLE Funding for Auto Repair Shop.

Interested in wholesale and distribution sector funding?

The wholesale and distribution sector is the backbone of the retail industry. Essentially the mediator between producers and retailers, wholesale businesses face various unique challenges and growth opportunities. Since wholesale distribution functions on lower margins, business owners rely on rapid inventory turnover to guarantee business performance.

Replenishing the inventory quickly to meet both demand and margin expectations forms the central tenet of a wholesale distribution business. To ease this high-pressure business model, wholesale financing may be required to support business aspirations or streamline day-to-day cash flow requirements. Apart from these necessities, wholesalers might also require

additional funds for other business goals like expansion, fulfilling payroll commitments, and making timely payments to suppliers.

FundKite provides intuitive wholesale financing for business owners that are looking to supplement their existing business operations. The vagaries of the wholesale and distribution business are not unknown to our experts, helping our underwriting team provide appropriate forms of financing suited to your operational needs. If your priorities are structured around maximizing growth while retaining financial stability, FundKite’s funding plans will fit right into your ambitions to help you achieve the right balance between immediate and long-term goals.

Straightforward Wholesale Financing for Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s inventory replenishment or network expansion, quick access to funds remains central. Keeping in mind the main focus of wholesalers, FundKite can offer relevant funding options like wholesale factoring. Given that wholesalers might have to wait for a considerable time before their invoices are fulfilled, invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing can come in handy. This form of financing allows you to receive advance funds by selling your invoices. Wholesale operations have several commitments and variables to watch out for.
From utilities and deliveries to supplier payments and expansion, the average wholesaler requires a consistent pool of capital to keep the business running. In these fairly constrictive operating conditions, FundKite’s funding plans can provide the necessary room for businesses to continue with their plans without worrying about cash flow concerns. Here’s how we help wholesalers stay committed to their business aspirations:
Cut out the waiting period on your invoices and get quick access to funds
Avoid the hassle of following up with clients on unpaid invoices and remain focused on crucial business tasks
Avoid hefty interest rates and conventional financing options that can turn into a long-term liability
Explore quick inventory replacement opportunities and stay ahead of the demand
Negotiate better deals with suppliers and producers, and save costs while maximizing profit
Steady cash flow for your business to remain on track and fulfill its payroll obligations
Business-friendly funding options to help your wholesaling firm think beyond immediate requirements and direct your approach to future business decisions
Immediate access to funds so your business creates a buffer against seasonal volatility and fluctuations in customer demand
FundKite provides premium wholesale financing solutions for a variety of businesses:
General wholesale businesses
General wholesale businesses
Specialty wholesale businesses
Retail wholesalers
Merchandise agencies
Merchant wholesalers
Single line wholesalers
Wholesalers and distributors are central to the functioning of both production and retail economies. Without these linked businesses, entire supply chains would be at risk of collapse, and FundKite understands the importance of entrepreneurs and firms that serve these roles in the market. As a business-centric finance partner perfectly suited to the nuances of your operations, our financing firm works closely with you to figure out what works best for your business.

Short Estimated Repayment Terms for Stress-free Operations

Instead of getting strapped to long-term liabilities, FundKite allows you to acquire funding for short periods going up to 220 days. Our factoring models are set to serve businesses so they can strike a balance between both their operational capabilities and overall financial well-being. Our qualified underwriters will work with you to arrive at a repayment period that takes into account your business’s unique requirements and functional necessities.
With FundKite, your wholesale business can unlock its true potential without sacrificing financial independence and future plans. Our factoring terms and conditions are structured to nurture a symbiotic relationship between our businesses to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.

Straightforward Approvals

FundKite does not function on the conventional bureaucratic processes adopted by mainstream financing institutions. Instead, we adopt a rapid and efficient processing methodology that allows us to analyze and assess your funding request in the shortest possible period so your business can have access to quick funds. The small business-friendly approach of our policies ensures you receive funds within 24 hours of approval.

With inventory taking precedence in wholesale operations, we understand how critical it can be to replenish your stocks to keep your business running. In line with our swift approach, FundKite strives to provide quick and easy distributor financing for prospective customers.

Highly Specific Funding Plans

No two businesses are the same. Enforcing a conventional financing plan for all businesses despite their inherent differences can force terms detrimental to your success. Since FundKite runs on a business-centric approach, we serve to change this trend by offering tailor-made financing options for all our clients looking for wholesale and distribution financing.

Alongside growing revenue and long-term prospects, our wholesale financing plans factor in a variety of unique business markers such as your existing cash flow reports, overall market potential, your business’s financial projections, and past performance, to structure a unique plan that works in your operation’s favor.

Funding Sans Interest Rates

Interest rates on business loans can be a major deterrent for businesses looking for quick and easy financing solutions. FundKite runs on a model that does not rely on interest rates and instead helps you zero in on a percentage of your accounts receivable to repay our firm. This effectively allows you to repay us only when your business witnesses tangible success.

Whether it’s a quick supply replenishment or urgent payroll requirement, you can continue running your business without stressing about hefty interest rates strapped to long-term financing assistance.

The Benefits of Funding Your Wholesale & Distribution Company with FundKite

Apart from nuance and industry expertise, FundKite also offers wholesale businesses a vast array of other advantages when they choose to do business with us. These include:
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Rapid Funding

FundKite’s policies allow our underwriters to take a quick approach to funding. You can rest assured that our processes only take about 24 hours, avoiding the long and tedious methods deployed by conventional financing partners and firms. Saving time, our swift approval process helps us disburse funds just as quickly, ensuring your firm has the money it needs.

Transparency and Efficiency

FundKite mentions all of its charges on the first page of the revenue purchase agreement. Our firm understands that hidden charges can really add up and demotivate business owners. With a commitment to lasting customer satisfaction and relationships, FundKite prioritizes your thorough understanding before you receive funding. Our professional underwriting team will guide you through the entire process so you’re sure of all the details involved in the factoring process.

No More Qualification Woes

FundKite does not rely on unidimensional funding criteria like credit scores to evaluate your funding request. Instead, we adopt a holistic approach that considers a variety of factors such as business prospects, cash flow statements, and overall market outlook to help us negotiate an appropriate funding solution. FundKite’s wholesale financing approach is designed to fit your business’ unique necessities, and rigid qualification criteria find no place in the process.

Growth-centric Funding Options

Upon approval, you can expect up to $2,000,000 in funding for your wholesale and distribution business. Whether it’s equipment needs, inventory expansions, supplier commitments, or payroll, you can be sure of receiving an amount appropriate for your business ambitions. FundKite’s solutions are built to promote prosperity and success without compromising your business’ financial metrics.

Reasons Why Wholesalers Require Invoice Factoring

Being an integral part of both the global and local economies, wholesalers play an irreplaceable role in modern markets. Here’s why you should consider invoice factoring for your distribution business:
Strike new and better deals with producers and suppliers
Fund inventory and business expansions
Manage payroll
Enhance distribution networks
Rapidly replenish inventory
Invest in marketing and customer outreach programs
Cover a broader distribution area
Accept a vast number of bulk contracts
Procure equipment to support deliveries
Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Why You Need Funding for Your Wholesale & Distribution Company

FundKite works with you to get the best financing solution for your business. Here’s what you need to know before you apply:

Primary Requirements:

Key Application Tips

Wholesale financing can be the most business-friendly financing option for your operation. Contact FundKite to explore financing solutions suited to your business model.
Should be established and running for 6 months minimum
Should have a monthly revenue of $10k or more.
Should have records for at least four months of bank statements.

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

Wholesale and distribution operations can receive up to $2,000,000 in funding upon approval. Our final offer depends on your business prospects and overall industry metrics.
FundKite works with you to determine a percentage of your accounts receivable that will be used to repay the funding you receive. Our company does not rely on exorbitant interest rates to recover the capital assistance provided.
To be eligible for wholesale factoring, you need a minimum of 1 year in the wholesale industry, at least $30,000 in monthly revenue, a comprehensive business plan, and your business account’s bank statements spanning 4 months.
Though FundKite does look at your credit score, this metric does not solely inform our final decision. Instead, we rely on a dynamic model that assesses business performance, cash flow statements, industry outlook, and your business plans to assess your creditworthiness.
FundKite does not impose any collateral obligations on the financial assistance we provide. In case the capital is used to procure equipment, the same will be considered collateral against the funding issued.