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Business Financing for Agricultural Industries

Up to $2M Financing for Farm Businesses
Up to $2,000,000 of Funding Available for Your Farm Business

Interested in funding for Farm Businesses?

At FundKite, we understand the critical role the agriculture industry plays in our society, and we remain committed to providing farmers and agribusiness owners with the funding they need to grow and thrive.
With farm financing, FundKite is capable of helping farmers and agribusiness owners remain sure of their aspirations without being encumbered by cash flow concerns. Our financing solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the agriculture industry, whether you are a small family farm or a large commercial operation that handles a variety of production activities.
Our financing strategies are tailored to fit your farm’s unique necessities with intuitive options. We design a structured farm funding method to allow you to take care of both immediate and long-term expenses without worrying about steep interest rates and drawn-out application procedures. That’s not all. We’re also devoted to promoting your business aspirations, with our underwriters finding the best solution for you to complete your payments but also to execute any expansion plans you envision for your agribusiness.

Products &
Services We Offer.

Grow your business with FundKite’s business-friendly financing solutions. Our options are tailored to suit your business approach, with a variety of unique benefits, such as:

Short and Hassle-free Repayment Terms

Unlike conventional banking and financing options, our plans offer capital even for short-term lengths going up to 220 days. Our representatives can also work with business owners to figure out other variable terms based on their requirements.
Don’t let term lengths and complex processing procedures hinder your ambitions for your agribusiness. With intuitive funding, you can rest assured about obtaining necessary financial assistance for periods that work out in your business’s favor, allowing you to make the best of the funds you receive, alongside repayments that don’t turn into long-term liability.

Underwriters that Understand Your Business

Agribusinesses and farms need to work with a variety of variables at their disposal; our underwriters understand this, and offer the best solutions to farm owners that expect a unique capital solution for their operations.

Agricultural operations might find themselves in an uncomfortable situation when a bank or conventional financing institution provides a one-size-fits-all funding plan. On the other hand, our experienced underwriting team is adept at configuring a solution that works best for both parties, ensuring mutual growth.

Estimated Cost of Funding

While you might face exorbitant interest rates and charges when being financed by banks, we offer financing capital in a model that relies on a mutually agreed-upon percentage of the accounts receivable to help you repay the amount.

Unlike the financial burden imposed by steep interest charges, FundKite’s finance for farmers provides flexibility to ensure your business receives the required support to thrive and perform better with easy access to funds. Without directing your concerns toward monetary liabilities, you can turn your attention to maximizing your farm’s output and work to achieve a bumper crop!

The Benefits of Financing Your Agribusiness with FundKite

Our pointed expertise in funding a variety of businesses makes us an ideal choice for a lasting partnership. Here are a few reasons why FundKite is your ideal funding partner:
Here are the benefits of financing auto repair shops with FundKite:

Swift Approvals

We pride ourselves on the transparency we offer to our clients and our ability to provide the necessary funding in the shortest possible timeframes. As an agribusiness, you might need capital during any stage of the crop cycle, and a timely fund injection is crucial to business success. Our firm works hard to ensure you receive quick approval, with approved funds making it into your bank account within 24 hours. plan.
With a grounded and industry-based approach to financing agribusinesses, we strive to provide our clients with a holistic capital solution to help them remain committed to their businesses without cash crunches and time constraints

Farm Financing for Growth

Farms and agribusinesses work hard to ensure society remains at optimal nutrition levels. To support these business endeavors, FundKite can provide financing for up to $2,000,000 to your business, whether to procure machinery or invest in an expansion. Our processes are swift and thorough, and ensure you’re granted the financial assistance your business deserves.

Reliable and Transparent

Our company makes it a point to educate all of our clients on every aspect of the Revenue Purchase Agreement. Farmers and agribusiness owners can rest assured that we have no hidden charges or fees, and all rates are openly disclosed on the first page of the contract. Every aspect of the agreement will be discussed and decoded in detail to ensure our clients are aware of all aspects of the financing they receive.

Small-business Friendly

Whether you run a small family-owned farm or a processing unit, FundKite has a solution for you. We value the contributions of your business to both the local and national economy. Our firm’s solutions are tailored to help your agribusiness scale taller heights and offer a gateway to holistic growth.

Why Agricultural Businesses Need Business Funding

Here’s what farmers and agribusinesses can use farm funding for:
Day-to-day operational expenses at the farm or manufacturing unit
Supporting wider distribution circles
Investing in a plan to enhance sales and marketing
Procuring machinery or consumables to support enhanced yield
Funding the business during seasonal volatility
Hiring additional staff to support business ambitions
Expanding the business to enhance output
Farmland financing
Purchasing or leasing farm equipment
Investing in farmland for expansions
Paying farmhands or other employees
Procuring packaging materials
Maintenance of reserve funds to safeguard the business
Financing an insurance plan to protect against poor harvests or other untoward incidents
Purchasing high-quality operational supplies such as fertilizers and advanced seeds
Our funding plans apply to an array of businesses that function in the agricultural sector. These include:
Farmers and horticulturists
Packaging firms
Processing units
Agricultural import and export firms

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite

Keep in mind the following requirements to unlock your business’s true potential:

Monthly revenue of at least $30,000
A detailed business plan that entails all aspects of your agribusiness
At least one year in the farm business sector
A bank statement spanning four months
Important Aspects to Follow
Submit your fully-filled application form along with your business account’s bank statements
Review and accept FundKite’s offer
Send us your detailed business plan and proof of business experience
Receive the approved funds in your bank account in a 24-hour window
Farm businesses require sustained capital investment to ensure tangible returns. Secure your operation’s future with our customer-centric financing options.

Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

Our financing options for farm funding do not require collateral. If the funds you acquire are used to procure farm equipment, we consider the machinery as collateral for the financing amount.
We charge no interest rates on the funding we offer to our clients. Instead, we receive a mutually agreed-upon percentage of your accounts receivable, enabling you to pay only when your business achieves success.
We provide up to $2,000,000 in funding for farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs. However, the final amount you receive will depend on your business potential.
Businesses require at least $30,000 in monthly revenue, a year’s worth of experience in the agricultural business space, a comprehensive business plan, and bank statements spanning four months.
FundKite’s policy includes an assessment of important components of your business such as market potential, cashflow management, and revenue reports. Though we do take a look at your credit score, we don’t rely on unidimensional aspects to determine your creditworthiness.