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Why All Businesses Need A Blog

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There’s this little thing called blogging that is taking the marketing world by storm. Blogging isn’t new, but its powers are gaining momentum. All businesses need a blog. Period. Some posting every day, some every month, but regardless of the approach, all businesses need a blog.


Blogs are most often used to drive traffic and increase sales or customer acquisition. Think of a blog like a sales funnel. Someone interested in your product may be seeking information on it, which your blog could then provide. The reader would be more likely to buy from your site than a competitors because YOU educated them.

2. Inbound Links

The better your post ranks on SEO, the more likely customers will be directed to your site through tertiary content. Regardless, blog posts will boost the overall SEO ranking of your page. By linking to other pages on your website, you can keep customers poking around on your site, which search engines will notice, giving your site and overall higher ranking.

3. Establish Expertise

Want to be the authority on your topic? Start writing about it! By providing extra content, potential customers will trust your product or service more. It also helps you and your employees keep your knowledge relevant and up to date in the industry.

4. Long Term Investment

Nothing put out on the internet ever disappears. While sometimes we might wish this was the opposite… For the purpose of marketing blogging this is great. Blogs will continue to generate views and traffic several years after they’re posted, and only getting stronger. Even if one post takes an hour or so, it will pay off in the long run.

5. Analytics

Analytics can provide insight to customer actions. You can see what content is doing best and adjust your marketing approach accordingly. BaubleBar exploded thanks to the founder’s intensive website tracking installed to really get to know their customers. Blog analytics can also help a business with their social media content and website layout.

6. Establish Brand Voice

In such a competitive world of online marketing, it’s important for a business to stand out with a personalized touch. Blogs are an excellent way to establish a brand voice because, much like social media, you are in control of how your brand is perceived. And, if you have a PR announcement to make about a company milestone, post it on the blog! A news source may just so happen to see it and pick it up!