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20 Pharmacy Business Ideas to Consider

Madam C.J. Walker, the first female self-made millionaire, said, “Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” The last few years have witnessed a considerable surge in entrepreneurship nationwide. 4.3 billion new businesses were registered with the United States Census Bureau, nearly 24% higher than the previous year. […]

Why All Businesses Need A Blog

There’s this little thing called blogging that is taking the marketing world by storm. Blogging isn’t new, but its powers are gaining momentum. All businesses need a blog. Period. Some posting every day, some every month, but regardless of the approach, all businesses need a blog. 1. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION Blogs are most often used to […]

How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Forget everything you thought you knew about delivering an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is usually a 15-30 second summary of your product or service, about 100-200 words on paper. But say you do happen to run into your CEO idol in an elevator, a coffee shop, in line at the grocery store. How many […]

Charity – 5 Reasons Your Business Should Support One

MILLENNIALS & CHARITY If millennials are one thing, it’s socially conscious consumers. Studies show that millennials are more likely to purchase from a company that gives back to its community, volunteers, and supports a charity. By aligning your brand with a cause, you can attract a niche audience and receive more business because of your donation. […]

6 Healthy Social Media Habits to Boost Your Following

Social media can be a bit of an enigma. You put a post out there, and people all over the world can see it and like it. When more people like it, your post is boosted in the platform’s algorithm and others are encouraged to like it as well. So how do you turn likes […]