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Shopify: Fixing Your Own Problems

Many would be entrepreneurs have a business idea but lack the expertise to execute it. Lucky for Tobias Lütke, when he noticed there was a need for an e-commerce platform, he had the programming experience necessary to create a website for it, now known as Shopify. The need arose in 2004 when Lütke wanted to sell […]

Ottobock: The Art of Acquisition

Some companies develop out of a gap in the market for their product or service. Other companies develop by buying said startups. Ottobock, a leader in prosthetics technology, has been able to stay ahead in its industry by taking other companies under its wing for further research and development. @Ottobockde started in 1919 in Berlin, Germany after […]

Beware of the “Playing Business” Stage

Starting a business is invigorating. Creative energy is at an all time high along with optimism and drive. But many entrepreneurs fall into the same trap: this is fun and should always be fun! I should be living my dream! This is what’s known as the “Playing Business” stage. A budding business owner gets caught […]

BaubleBar: Best Friends and Business

Attentive customer service is at the forefront of every company’s focus these days, but BaubleBar takes their customer service one step further to give their customers the perfect shopping experience. CO-FOUNDERS Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky are best friends and businesses partners, normally a risky move but the perfect balance for them. They met while at analyst […]

18 Quotes for Entrepreneur Motivation

ENTREPRENEUR MOTIVATION The entrepreneur hustle takes GRIT. Sometime, that drive to push through hard times needs an external reminder, like a quote on a wall or a picture on a desktop. For some entrepreneur motivation, the 18 quotes below are sure to provide a daily dose of inspiration. 18 Quotes There’s nothing wrong with needing a little […]

Simply Gum: Chew on That

Chewing gum is chewing gum, right? Until you look up the actual definition: a sweetened and flavored insoluble plastic material used for chewing. Or: Chewing gum is some kind of flavored and sweetened rubber material for chewing. Right on par with this generation’s healthy, natural and organic movement, one entrepreneur looked at her purple, unnatural […]

Why All Businesses Need A Blog

There’s this little thing called blogging that is taking the marketing world by storm. Blogging isn’t new, but its powers are gaining momentum. All businesses need a blog. Period. Some posting every day, some every month, but regardless of the approach, all businesses need a blog. 1. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION Blogs are most often used to […]

How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Forget everything you thought you knew about delivering an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is usually a 15-30 second summary of your product or service, about 100-200 words on paper. But say you do happen to run into your CEO idol in an elevator, a coffee shop, in line at the grocery store. How many […]

Our Coffee with a Cause: Philanthropy and Business

The unemployment rate for college educated adults with Autism is 85%. That number is even higher for autistic adults and teens who do not have higher education. Stacey Wohl, a single mother of two autistic children, wanted to do something about the lack of career opportunities for young adults with disabilities, so in 2015, she […]

Nooklyn: Find Your Entrepreneurial Calling

Some renters delight in the idea of apartment hunting, imagining the next phase of life and daydreaming about new decor, while others dread the thought of moving, finding a roommate and a safe neighborhood to live in. For Harley Courts, CEO of Nooklyn, his passion for apartment hunting included all aforementioned sentiments, fueling him to found […]