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New Frontier: Living Large in Tiny Homes

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Living large in a tiny home? It sounds like an oxymoron, but David Latimer, CEO, founder and lead designer of New Frontier Tiny Homes, reimagined small living to still have modern day amenities, often more than the average city apartment.

@NewFrontierTinyHomes is a Nashville, Tennessee based company that builds tiny houses and ships them on a trailer to buyers all over the U.S. (Tiny homes are so transportable that some companies even offer their houses for sale on Amazon!)


New Frontier currently offers 5 models for purchase with some customizable features, as seen on HGTV’s show Tiny House, Big Living. The models, Escher, Alpha, Riverside, Cornelia and Cedar Mountain, can be kept on a trailer for mobile living or stationed permanently for an eco-friendly abode.

Every inch of space in these roughly 300 square foot homes is maximized for efficiency and aesthetics. Houses are constructed of high quality maple and walnut wood, with handmade accents and state-of-the-art appliances. With no detail skimped out on, these all-inclusive homes run for roughly $75,000-$150,000 depending on the model. This is more costly than the average tiny home, but New Frontier knows how to fit luxury amenities into the tiniest of spaces. See: king sized mattresses, dishwashers, washer/dryer, full bath, shelves for decoration and… an opening garage door for the ultimate whole house breeze!

New Frontier’s Growth

A functioning living space is attained through lofted bedrooms with a generally open concept otherwise and lots of windows for natural light. Kitchen tables and other furniture pull out only when in use and appliances are cleverly hidden in drawers. Unless customized to be different, New Frontier Tiny Homes have a luxe woodsman vibe achieved with leather accents, wood finishes and stainless steel appliances.

The construction team is very close knit, as working together to problem solve is a must. In addition to David Latimer, the company is led by fellow house building enthusiasts Zac Thomas – Partner, Eddie Latimer – Partner and Taylor Mallon – Architectural Designer and Consultant.

The vision, architectural design, interior design, decoration, and the execution all start with David and his obsession with problem solving perfection to blend form with function.

David’s story takes him all over the globe. He worked construction in Nashville during his childhood summers, which gave him a DIY ethos and knowledge. After completing his degree in Literature and Philosophy at Furman University on an athletic scholarship, he backpacked through Europe for 6 months before moving to New York City and working for fashion companies like Ralph Lauren and Earnest Sewn. After 3 years, he went to Africa to build and expand and orphanage in Uganda, then after a year volunteering in that community he moved to chicago and began opening and operating restaurants, still with a passion for furniture and ambiance design. When the opportunity arose to open a restaurant/bar in Nashville, he moved back home, but the situation fell through. This led him to do a great deal of introspection, thinking about what he thought he wanted vs what he was, his values, desires and passions.

David decided he wanted to blend his values with a purpose, doing what he loved while giving back. He also wanted a way to counteract consumer culture, the need for everything bigger and better, all of the wastefulness and greed in the world and constant buying of unnecessary ‘stuff’. By helping grow the affordable housing market and providing sleek, functional solutions for people looking to minimize their eco-footprint, David is able use his creativity and craftsmanship skills while still making an impact on the earth and the community. New Frontier is currently working with Metro Nashville to found an entire tiny home community focused on sustainability and intentional living.