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Factoring Agreements, Terms, & Fees: Mistakes to Avoid

Invoice factoring firms have emerged as important providers of business credit that offer entrepreneurs quick access to capital. Factoring has become a popular method of financing businesses due to the competitive rates it offers and the intuitive clauses that do not rely on conventional repayment means like interest. Quick disbursement of funds and short processing […]

Reimbursable Expenses For A Small Business

All businesses at some point are subject to expenses, required directly or indirectly to run the company’s operations at different levels. These expenses are paid directly from the company or are incurred by the employed officer who deems them necessary to ensure all operations run smoothly. In the case of the latter, the company would […]

Kodiak Cakes: Powered by Pancakes

Kodiak Cakes puts their start up story on the backs of all of their products. Penny Clark had a recipe from her father for hearty whole grain pancakes that she made for her two boys, Jon and Joel. The summer of 1982, Penny loaded up a red wagon with homemade pancake mix and the boys went […]

La Croix: A Lesson in Branding for the Underdog

For a change, a trend started in the midwest and made its way to the coasts, rather than the other way around. La Croix Water (pronounced La Croy) is an American sparkling water brand that most millennials remember seeing their moms drink on beach trips or other events where a sugarless but carbonated alternative for pop […]

Ottobock: The Art of Acquisition

Some companies develop out of a gap in the market for their product or service. Other companies develop by buying said startups. Ottobock, a leader in prosthetics technology, has been able to stay ahead in its industry by taking other companies under its wing for further research and development. @Ottobockde started in 1919 in Berlin, Germany after […]

TaskRabbit: Gig Economy and Millennial Generation

Have more money than time? TaskRabbit was made for you. In 2008, Leah Busque had more time than money and created an app to have other people run her errands. As the story goes, she and her husband were about to leave for a date when she realized they didn’t have dog food, and how nice would […]

Birkenstock: Success of the Ugly Sandal

Why would you want to sell ugly fashion? Because comfort is cool! Birkenstock, a German footwear company, is one of the most controversial fashion statements in the industry, right after Crocs. The shoes themselves are clunky, contoured cork with rubber footbeds that curve to the shape of the wearer’s feet. But the suede tops make […]

Zillow: Launch with a bang, crash with a Burn

In 2006, Zillow changed the real estate game. In 2008, the housing market crashed. When @Zillow first launched, the company had done an excellent job of promoting the beta site on media outlets, specifically the Zestimate feature to give people an estimate of what their house is worth on the market. However, there was so much website traffic that […]

New Frontier: Living Large in Tiny Homes

Living large in a tiny home? It sounds like an oxymoron, but David Latimer, CEO, founder and lead designer of New Frontier Tiny Homes, reimagined small living to still have modern day amenities, often more than the average city apartment. @NewFrontierTinyHomes is a Nashville, Tennessee based company that builds tiny houses and ships them on a trailer […]

Rent the Runway: The Millennial Business Model

It’s been called the Spotify, Netflix and Uber of dresses, it’s Rent The Runway. Rent The Runway’s story dates back to 2008 when Jennifer Hyman visited her sister in New York City while on Thanksgiving break from Harvard Business School. Her sister showed her a $1,600 designer dress she had purchased for a wedding that weekend, […]