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Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day In The Office

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International Women’s Day is recognized every year on March 8th, and this year in 2019, it falls on a Friday. Wondering if and how you should celebrate? While you don’t need to have a formal party, acknowledging the day and making the women of the office feel special can go a long way for those still fighting for equality at home or in other social areas.


Every March 8th is designated as a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for pushing for gender equality in every aspect of life, but many women most strongly feel it in the workplace. IWD means something different to every woman, but showing appreciation is always welcomed.

How Can I Recognize It?

IWD means different things to different women. The day isn’t just about recognizing women taking great strides in the business world, it’s about appreciating all women and what they do to help the world go round. The female entrepreneur leading a tech startup is contributing just as much as stay at home mothers and young girls with endless dreams.

When looking to celebrate in the office, here are ways to appreciate the female employees of your company:

  • Flowers or other gift left on desks.
  • Luncheon to open up conversation about female achievements.
  • Bring in a female speaker to discuss equality in the workplace.
  • Send out an email memo recognizing important women in history and present day.
  • Ask the women of the office how they would like to recognize the day!

In addition to women in business, you can support the women in your everyday life both at home and among friends.

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