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Equinox Fitness: Cult Following Companies

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“It’s not fitness, it’s life,” is one of Equinox Fitness Clubs’ many slogans that contribute to their elite cult following.

@Equinox opened its doors on September 23rd, 1991, by the Errico Family and was bought by The Related Companies in 2006. The New York based, luxury fitness chain has gone on to purchase and found other brands such as Hong Kong’s PURE Yoga (2008), Blink Fitness (2011), Soul Cycle (2011), Rumble Boxing (minority stake in 2018) and a soon-to-launch Equinox Hotels brand (2019) for the traveler who wants it all.


Several factors have allowed Equinox to become the leading name in fitness: Luxury, technology, community and marketing. Equinox Fitness is known for it’s state-of-the-art gym facilities and elite clientele because of their large creative team’s extensive branding efforts. The clubs offer an assortment of trending fitness classes, cutting-edge machinery and amenities, technology-based physical assessments, spa services, juice bars, and clothing products.

And their own real estate team. Equinox Fitness prides themselves in creating a unique atmosphere that reflects the community of each location. They have their own development team to oversee every detail of construction, and even work with historians to reimagine old theaters, art lofts and shipyards that reflect the local vibe while also giving the building unique, high-class character. This artistic architecture has worked for the brand and they plan to continue investing in ambient space to build their community.

Why Is Equinox Different?

Equinox is different from other gyms because of the minimum $150 a month price tag, yes, but also because of the emphasis on fitness being a spiritual journey not just a physical one. The members go to the gym on average 4 times a week, which is more than the average member of other gyms goes a month. Every employee firmly believes that “health is the new wealth”, and this is seen as the millennial generation is dedicated more to fitness than the previous generation. Even the CEO, Harvey Speak, rejects the traditional work-life balance motto and believes that living a holistic lifestyle can be seamless and effortless, with exercise giving you the energy and focus to optimize your time for all aspects of your life. He also tells entrepreneurs to get enough sleep, as opposed to other mentors who often say be prepared for very little sleep.

Equinox Locations

With 92 Equinox Fitness Clubs now operating across three countries (US, UK, CAN), the brand continues to lead and define high performance living, results-oriented programming and holistic fitness by offering members elevated experiences that anticipate their constantly evolving needs and interests.