Women in business deserve to recognized, and deserve a platform to learn from and help each other!

This category on the FundKite blog serves to showcase the wonderful accomplishments of women in business and provide additional tips for navigating the business world.

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How To Grow A Woman-Owned Business

Wondering how to grow a woman-owned business? While being a female entrepreneur is certainly more challenging than being a male entrepreneur, there are marketing angles you can take advantage of that men don’t have access to.  There is a large community of other female business owners wondering how to grow a woman-owned business, and a

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Tools For Women in Finance in 2019

The number of women in finance is growing, but the journey to expanding the female presence in the finance industry has been filled with hard work and much collaboration. One thing is certain about this initiative, women helping women is the best way to move forward. Senior level women in finance have been mentoring and

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Do Women Have A Harder Time Getting Funding?

According to research by Dana Kanze, the answer is yes, female entrepreneurs get less funding. Kanze broadcasted her research in a TedTalk on December 20th, 2018 explaining the implicit gender bias in both male and female venture capitalists funding entrepreneurs. Kanze found that despite the increase in female representation in venture capital firms, male and