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Business News Daily – 6 Small Business Tech Trends

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FundKite was recently featured in a Business News Daily article on “6 Small Business Tech Trends,” with quotes from Alex Shvarts, CTO of FundKite, on how influencer marketing will change in 2019.

“As a small business owner, you may not be on the forefront of developing technology as enterprise-level businesses often are, but tech still plays a vital role in the growth and efficiency of your business. These small business technology trends are important to watch in 2019. While new infrastructure like 5G will emerge, personalized marketing, software unification and cybersecurity can have a direct impact on small business…


Social media influencers and personalized marketing are becoming a viable avenue for connecting with customers and showcasing products. Gone are the days of driving sales through traditional print advertising. Now a business must be dynamic in how it approaches its marketing operations. In 2019, that means working with influencers.

“Consumers want more authenticity in their advertisements, often in the form of a recommendation from someone they trust, like an influencer,” said Alex Shvarts, CTO and director of business development for FundKite. “2019 will see more businesses using local and microinfluencers, such as restaurants and gyms, as opposed to the makeup and fashion brands currently dominating the influencer scene.”

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing can help you connect with your customer base and develop a niche within your industry. Working with influencers means understanding your business’s needs and doing your research on who’s an influencer within the industry…”

Business News Daily author Matt D’Angelo continues to list business trends and tips for growing and sustaining a company in 2019. Read the rest of the article and the other 5 business trends on Business News Daily by clicking this link. For more on business tips from FundKite, click here to read more from our blog.