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Broker Fair 2019 was Incredible, Again!

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The 2nd annual Broker Fair was yesterday, Monday May 6th, 2019 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, New York. The show sold out several weeks in advance yet again, as hundreds of brokers and funders attended from all across the US.

The Broker Fair 2019, the largest MCA convention in the country, is presented by deBanked Magazine, a print and online publication lead by Sean Murray that focuses on the MCA industry of funding and loans.


Last year’s Broker Fair was such a huge success that presenters had to move the event to a larger location; It was previously held at The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg. Other Broker Fairs are held throughout the year in Miami and San Diego, but New York City is always the largest.

At the event, brokers, lenders, funders, and service providers had opportunities to learn, connect, and grow their businesses. The incredible turnout is a testament to the growth and necessity of the non-bank finance industry. Growing since 2006, the cash advance industry has been providing small business owners with the working capital they need to grow and sustain their businesses.

FundKite @ Broker Fair

FundKite has attended both the Broker Fair 2018 and the Broker Fair 2019. Each time we come back with new partners who are looking to better serve their merchants with innovative, forward thinking programs. If you’re an ISO or broker who didn’t get to connect with us at the event, it’s not too late! You can sign up to work with FundKite at this link.

Sean Murray created the first Broker Fair when he saw an industry of people genuinely interested in having a positive impact on their customers and merchants. To help facilitate that success, communication, and spread of knowledge of new programs and industry changes, Murray gathered everyone together for a yearly Broker Fair.

With every year selling out tickets weeks in advance, next year’s location is still undecided. Regardless of where it is, if you’re in the MCA industry, you do not want to miss these events!

To read about the first Broker Fair last year, click here!