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Side Hustle Jobs to Achieve Financial Freedom

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How to Start a Side Hustle

So you want to be your own boss. But you don’t want to go broke trying. You want to earn more, but you can’t find a higher paying full time job. Entrepreneurship comes in many shapes and sizes, what it really comes down to is what form of side hustle fits your lifestyle best.  

One of the side hustles below should be able to point you in the right direction of a fulfilling way to earn some extra cash, and who knows, maybe it could someday develop into a full time thing.

Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today

Uncapped Commission Sales

Is closing a hard sale your passion? Some love it some hate it, but if you’re a smooth talker, side sales jobs might be for you. Opportunities for both over the phone, in person, and door-to-door are everywhere. The important part is finding a product or service you’re passionate about.

Brand Representative

You don’t have to be an influencer to represent a brand and get commissions on sales. With the power of social media, anybody can easily spread the word of the T-shirts, coffee or wine they are selling. Many companies also offer growth opportunities for those who excel or higher commission rates for selling a certain amount.

Find a Partner

The hardest part about a small business as a side hustle is the time. The second is the connections. By teaming up with someone equally as dedicated to a side project, you can split duties and complement each others strengths and weaknesses. That’s what the founders of BaubleBar did and it seems to be going pretty well!

Freelance Work

In the digital age, almost any job can be done as a freelance position. Some of the more popular ones include writing, graphic design, web design and coding, photography, social media and copywriting.

Consulting & Mentoring

Sort of like a private practice without the crazy hours, a side business consulting or mentoring is an easy way to fill in your free time, and scheduling meetups can work around your schedule. Many accountants pick up extra work during tax season, successful CEOs offer business guidance on the side, musicians share their craft and teachers can help with summer school or English lessons.

E-commerce Store

Hello Etsy, Ebay, Shopify and every other E-commerce platform that brings together homemade crafts, new products and inventions and various other goodies that people all over the world are making in their homes. The time requirement is up to you, however much marketing effort and and inventory you want to in.

Online Customer Service

Being a customer service person is great for those looking to fill odd hours without leaving the comfort of their home. Companies like Amazon who have thousands of customers to help often employ representatives remotely.

Seasonal Work

Everybody knows retail companies look for extra holiday help. What people often forget are the other seasons of help: Ice cream parlours need summer help, just like landscaping, lifeguards, amusement parks and wedding florists do too. If your need for extra cash is temporary, find a position that is too.