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Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Alex Shvarts

Alex Shvarts is a distinguished American business executive, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FundKite, a leading Florida/New York-based fintech company. With over 30 years of experience in starting and scaling businesses, Alex consistently has showcased his entrepreneurial acumen. Prior to founding FundKite in 2015, he engineered and sold proprietary technology to the fintech industry. From his early involvement in chess clubs as a child, Alex developed a passion for numbers and strategic thinking, skills that he seamlessly incorporates into his projects. As the CEO of FundKite, he oversees both day-to-day operations and the technical side of the business, contributing to the company’s success in the alternative funding market. Beyond FundKite, Alex is the founder of the Bytox Hangover Patch, showcasing his versatility. His management experience enables him to understand the nuanced needs of business owners, addressing aspects such as cash flow, leadership, seasonality, and expansion. In recognition of his contributions, Alex was included in the Forbes Technology Council in March 2021, highlighting his role as a distinguished technology executive. With an innovative vision and entrepreneurial drive, Alex Shvarts continues to propel FundKite to the forefront of the financial technology sector.