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Lending Brokers give your clients options.

At Fundkite we partner with brokers throughout America to help their clients get the access to the financial options they need now. We specialize in helping small businesses who generally don’t qualify for a traditional loan and we offer partner referral fees for every client that receives funding while you keep the relationship.

Our Partner Programs offer many benefits for brokers

  • Minimal paperwork
  • Real funding options within 3 hours
  • Options for capital in 3 days or less
  • Options for a renewable source of funds
  • More flexibility
  • Funding options between $5,000- $2,000,000
  • Partner referral fees
  • You maintain the client relationship
  • No personal collateral or assets
  • Funding options to suit any requirement

Brokers prefer Fundkite over traditional lenders because we require minimal paperwork, and we’re fast! You can offer your clients real options within hours.

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