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Why You Should Consider A Getting A Business Mentor

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No matter what type of business you have or goals you are trying to pursue, you should strongly consider having a business mentor. Not having a business mentor can lead to wasted time, money and resources, as wrong turns can be more costly than anticipated. As you strive to grow your business and provide for your employees, the value of having a second opinion, reducing wasted time and avoiding making blind decisions can be priceless for any entrepreneur. This is especially true for a new startup that’s trying to get its footing, but business owners of any experience level can always benefit from a business mentor, even top notch C-Suite executives with 30 years experience.


Never hesitate to ask someone for advice who exemplifies your version of success and can challenge you to maximize your potential. The sooner you get a business mentor, the sooner you can learn from their general or industry specific knowledge and experiences. When you find that person to help you grow, be prepared to: listen, ask lots questions, implement what you learned and watch your growth.

Help you set realistic goals & build successful habits.

A seasoned CEO has a fair amount of trials and tribulations under their belt. They’re where they are because they had successful ventures, but there is no success without failure. Consulting with an expert can tell you when you’re taking on too much overhead, and when you’re not budgeting your time most efficiently.

Push you to be better.

Complacency is a common downfall for business owners. After all that hard work building something out of nothing, who wouldn’t want to take a breather? Rather than falling into a comfort zone, a mentor can help you re-envision your company and give advice on when is the right time to seize an opportunity. No coasting by, always growth-focused.

Confront your weaknesses.

It doesn’t sound like fun, but it will pay off for years to come. You may be bad at balancing cash flow. You may find you can’t seem to make the right hiring choices. A second opinion can help you grow past your weaknesses and into the entrepreneur you always had the potential to be.

Build a personal relationship.

An ideal mentorship is where you share successes and learn from failures, both of yours, not just one. This vulnerability to take risks and grow can also lead to networking opportunities with their network in addition to a relationship where you understand each other on a personal and professional level.

A mentor isn’t there to do the job for you. They’re there to push you out of your comfort zone and give advice when decision time cracks down. Being a mentee requires vulnerability and a willingness to learn, which can sometimes be a difficult and humbling experience for those used to calling the shots and being in charge.

As you evolve and gain experience, you may find that you have outgrown your mentor, which is common. Many businesses owners meet with several mentors over the years, not for bad chemistry but for additional brain power to learn from.

Where can you find a business mentor? One option is LinkedIn. Some CEOs are very flattered to be thought of as a role model and have a side business video chatting and emailing budding entrepreneurs. Other times it may be someone you know, or from an online website providing advice. However you find a mentor, you won’t regret the extra expertise.