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The 5 Best Apps for Small Business Owners

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Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how better we have it than business owners only twenty or thirty years ago. But the truth is that there are more resources out there to help small business owners than ever before. Especially when you’re talking about the technology that has been engineered over the last decade or so with your company’s best interest in mind. We have put together a review of the 5 Best Apps for Small Business Owners to help you get there.


One of the simplest and most efficient pieces of technology out there are apps that can help you streamline your operations with the click of a button. You’re probably already familiar with apps and have more than likely noticed how helpful they can be in your daily life. Well, the same is true for your business, and there are a ton of apps out there that the majority of business owners haven’t yet discovered.

If that’s you, then take a minute to read through our list of the 5 best apps for small business owners. See how you can improve your operations today.

Microsoft To Do

Formerly known as Wonderlist, this task management app from Microsoft helps you and your team stay organized and on task all day every day. It provides you with a personalized daily planner, sharable to do lists, important reminders. It also segments your tasks into specific steps to make them easier for you or your employees to tackle. That’s efficiency for you!


Basecamp is a project management tool that will help your team communicate better in the remote work environment. You can divide your work into distinct projects and keep all correspondences about the project on the same channel for logistical ease. There are message boards, checklists, schedules, documents and files, group chats, and automatic check-ins. Don’t let project management overwhelm you. Get some help with an app like Basecamp.


This is one of the best apps for importing, managing, and shipping your products all around the globe. ShipStation provides you with comprehensive software that allows you to monitor all orders, create and print shipping labels, add tags to shipments, edit shipping addresses, and view your orders. This is an all-in-one shipping tool that provides you with everything you need to set up an efficient supply chain in no time.


Inventory management is one of the more difficult aspects of retail businesses. Delivrd can help you cut back on your inventory waste and make sure that your operations are moving as efficiently as possible. Delivrd guides you through every aspect of the order fulfillment process from inventory procurement, management, picking, packing, and shipping. The best part of all? It’s free to use today. So why not download it and see what Delivrd can do for you?


Square is becoming pretty ubiquitous in our new business landscape. Yes, they provide their customers with one of the most user-friendly point of sales systems that can be operated from your cellphone with ease. They also allow your business to create invoices, send marketing emails, schedule bookings or appointments, and take advantage of their full-service payroll system. If you’re looking for a comprehensive app for your business, this might be the one for you.