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Office Decor Tips for Productivity

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Productivity is essential for keeping a business running. What many business owners don’t realize is that a lot of the productivity of their employees doesn’t come from an inspiring speech in the morning or a giant mug of black coffee.

Much of the office workflow can be attributed to the office decor, including layout, windows, plants, colors and lighting. If you feel that employees start to lose creativity or motivation after being in the office for awhile, look around and see what changes you can make for better productivity vibes.


Ever heard that clean space is a clean mind? Open, flowing floor plans allow creativity to flow? There’s a reason why designers preach these tips. Workspace has a lot to do with mental headspace. If your office has overflowing filing cabinets, stacks of broken fax machines and tiny enclosed offices, it might be worth it to do a major cleaning. You never know what extra cash you could get for donating outdated computers, or how much happier employees would be with a sectioned department instead of one massive ocean.


Fluorescent lighting can be draining on the eyes and mood, especially during the winter months when sunlight is rare up north. By installing UV lights or even a few UV lamps, you can help fight seasonal depression in your office. Natural lighting is also proven to increase happiness and productivity, so putting in the investment to instal a few windows can boost employee morale and retention and increase the workplace culture.


Much of the typical office decor comes in beige, white black, gray, ect. Adding an accent wall of color, a bright couch, some light artwork can make going to work 40 hours a week a much more enjoyable experience. Colorful decor isn’t just for start ups, every office could use some eye-pleasing decor.


Plants are great for boosting energy just by looking at them, and they also add better quality to the air. If you don’t have a green thumb for the upkeep of an extravagantly beautiful potted tree, look up plants suited for your office lighting levels and watering abilities. Typically bamboo and Yucca plants are popular office plants.

Chill Space

If you work in an office with cold winters, you know the struggle spending all day under fluorescent lighting, staring at a computer screen, only to clock out of work and walk into darkness. Lunch break walks in the park are a no-go when temps hit below freezing. Giving employees a space to hang out and decompress during their breaks can make them more productive when they return to their desk.