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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Bosses

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After the in-laws, gifting your boss is probably the hardest person to shop for on your list.

Really, what do you get someone who makes more money than you? Who knows how much you make? Who you want to thank immensely without being too much of a goody-goody?

It doesn’t have to be holiday gifts either. Birthdays and other special occasions ask the same question: What can I get a superior at work?

Much of the answer lies in thoughtful, perhaps priceless, holiday gifts.


Many bosses are too busy to sit down and read, or you might be lucky and have an avid reader as a boss who you can easily find a book for. If you don’t know what kind of book, something educational to advance their career (without insulting their current performance) is a great idea. You can mix up a book gift by getting them a book on tape for commuting, a kindle, or a magazine subscription.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Running a department or entire company is stressful. Everyone has different comfort levels with physical pampering, but men and women alike often enjoy the novelty of a massager attached to an office chair or a relaxation soy candle. Other stress busters include: massage gift certificate, a pampering gift set, or a unique handmade soap or candle set you picked up at a on-of-a-kind holiday market.


It doesn’t have to be a party office to know that your boss winds down with a glass of red wine every night or enjoys long weekends spent on the Kentucky Bourbon trail. A thoughtful bottle of alcohol shows that you listen when he or she talks about their weekend and niche drinking palette.

Office Decor

Has said boss made a comment about needing to go for a walk or spend more time outside? You can bring the nature to them with an easy to care for office plant, or one with a grow light. Other office decor ideas include artwork for the walls, desktop calendars, bookshelf display pieces, or any other thoughtful holiday gifts to keep in an office.

A Joke

If you can’t think of something the person would really really like, try thinking of something they would laugh at. Examples are a mug with a funny saying about bosses, a stress busting punching bag, dart board, funny calendar, or inside joke between the two of you.


Food is great because it’s usable. It won’t be a piece of junk that was interesting at the time and then never used again, taking up space and clutter homes and offices. An indulgent specialty gift like high end cheese, truffle sauce or premium cut steaks shows you went out of your way to get a truly special gift that they can share with their family. Another popular idea is a food basket with a variety of snacks and treats.


A bit specific, but a popular indulgent gift for bosses who have a specific smoking interest. This gift idea falls under the category of “usable gifts that won’t sit around for years.” Just be sure to know what style and region your boss likes, most people are particular about their brand.

Group Gift

Want to get your boss something nice but you both know you can’t afford it? Ask around the office to see if anyone would be willing to pool their money together to get something from several of you. Your coworkers are probably just as lost with holiday gifts for your boss as you are!