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How to Ensure Your Business Avoids Loss During a Trade War

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FundKite was recently featured in a Money Inc article on “How to Ensure Your Business Avoids Loss During a Trade War,” written as an op-ed by Alex Shvarts, CTO of FundKite.

“After nearly a decade of operating in a bull market, many business owners are getting the feeling that what goes up must come down, and a dip in the economy may be coming sooner rather than later. The market is already becoming increasingly volatile. Financial analysts repeatedly report lower consumer confidence in stocks before any major elections, and the market has yet to fully recover after the November 2018 midterm elections.


The cause of this unrest? Business owners aren’t able to plan future sales around stable trade deals with a tariff war bubbling on the western horizon. While international trade is an important part of the American economy, there are still steps a business owner can take to ensure they are prepared for tough times in extremely volatile market conditions and potentially during a trade war. It starts with balance. In times of extreme market volatility, business owners need to look at their cash flow balance – operations, financing and investments – as well as specifically at their investment balance…

…If more tariffs are put in place or even if an international trade war develops, rising costs of base materials could ripple throughout the economy. Only businesses that prepare ahead of time will be able to ride out the storm, and the smoothness of that journey depends on early foresight and preemptive action.”