SBA Loans vs. FundKite Funding

When it comes to finding funding for your small business, there are countless options to explore. Two of the most enticing choices are often Small Business Administration loans and FundKite funding. FundKite is part of a new industry of financing companies that make it easier than ever for small businesses to acquire working capital, even

Bad Credit Business Loan

The strict requirements of obtaining a loan from banks and government institutions leave many business owners wondering “How do I get a business loan with bad credit?” It is completely possible to receive a loan or alternative funding with bad credit, however you can expect higher interest or buy rates due to the higher risk

Getting Started With a Franchise Loan

After months of researching your options, you have finally chosen a franchise you wish to purchase. Now you are ready to start looking at franchise loans that will give you the best terms and rates and you’ve just discovered that this isn’t as easy as you initially hoped. Here are a few things you need to know

Is a Cash Flow Loan Right for You?

Every small business owner knows how important cash flow is to the health of their business. Cash flow is about keeping a vigilant record of accounts payable and accounts receivable and managing that process to stay profitable. This may involve being flexible with payment terms such as early payment discounts, retainers and clear systems and

Denied Business Funding?

If your small or medium-sized business has been denied funding in a traditional form such as a small-business loan from a bank, you are not alone. The majority of small businesses tend to have less-than-perfect credit–and, moreover, large banking institutions tend to be reluctant to finance even the most stable of small businesses. This has