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Holiday Seasonal Business Funding

Retail, transportation, and manufacturing are the top industries looking for holiday seasonal business funding. They’re not the only ones affected, though. Restaurants, entertainment and hospitality also see a surge in sales from the mobility and open-wallet-spirit of consumers during the holiday months.  Just like summer seasonal businesses, the winter seasonal businesses need an injection of

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Why Does Manufacturing Need Funding?

Manufacturing businesses are at the top of the supply chain, right after those who provide the raw materials. While there are many markets to open up a factory for and begin producing items in, the tools and equipment lines needed for production are quite expensive. Expenses are projected to accelerate over the years as suppliers,

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Why Do Medical Offices Use Funding?

If the medical industry is so lucrative, why do medical offices use funding? Because everything about the medical industry is expensive, especially the high cost of starting up. Other areas include schooling to become a doctor, equipment for treatments and diagnosis, pill prescriptions, all of it. No matter which end you’re on, the doctor, the

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Secured vs Unsecured Business Loans

In the finance world, there are two ways to lend money: secured vs unsecured business loans. This is also referred to as collateralized vs uncollateralized funding.  Secured vs unsecured business loans simplified: If a loan is secured or collateralized, it means you are staking assets on the money you borrowed. If it is unsecured or

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Back to School Business Funding

Kids and teens aren’t the only ones with back to school needs, business owners are searching for back to school business funding, too. Back to school business funding is a loose term that refers to the end of summer needs that business owners have. Seasonal business owners often find, depending on the industry, that their