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10 Causes Why Businesses Fail: How Invoice Factoring Helps

Every entrepreneur knows that investing in any business has its risks. However, success lies in your choices as a small business owner. Therefore, before starting a new venture, it always pays to ask why businesses fail. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or a new entrepreneur, these numbers are daunting. In addition, you may […]

Common Reasons For Businesses Funding

Here is our list of  7 Common Reasons For Businesses to Seek Funding. In the ideal world, small businesses would never need outside funding. Investors would line up outside the door as soon as you announced your startup. You would always have reserves of capital ready for the precise moment you needed to invest in […]

A Full Guide on Working Capital for Businesses – FundKite

Even the most successful businesses struggle to keep up with daily operational costs while seeking sustainability and growth, both of which require working capital. Working capital is essential to successfully evolve and maintain a business. Owners need enough working capital to account for emergencies, cash outflows, and opportunities when they arise. Whether it’s expansion, seasonal […]

Business Funding Requirements

No matter how you’re going about getting funding, alternative lenders, banks, private equity firms, venture capitalists, and other investors need to be sure they will get a return on their money. In order to ensure your company is a safe financial investment. BUSINESS FUNDING QUALIFICATIONS: Business Funding Once you meet these qualifications, financing institutions are […]

Why Cannabis Business Funding Is Hard to Find

For The Cannabis Industry? The cannabis industry is smoking hot right now, with every legalized state adding more and more merchants and customers to the economy. And yet, new businesses are struggling to find the loans and cash advances necessary to start up and grow. What gives? LEGAL RESTRICTIONS To start, the legalization of marijuana varies state […]