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7 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees

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The increase in consumerism around the holidays often means asking for more hours of employees to fill orders, who conversely want more time off to spend with their family. While you’re taking advantage of the increase in sales, remember to give back to the employees you’re asking so much of.


If your company has a Pinterest-obsessed receptionist eager to wrap the office in holiday decor, great! If your office is more laid back, something as simple as a few pumpkins or strands of tinsel can show workers you’re willing to put some spirit in the atmosphere for the holiday season.

Balance Family and Work

Extra hours to meet supply and demand around the holidays means your employees have less time with their families. Remember what the holidays are all about; a gesture as simple as letting out early the day before Thanksgiving can show your employees that you value them and their well being.

Feed Them

Free food makes anybody’s day. Doughnuts, cookies, bagels, pizza. Putting a little something out in the kitchen is sure to boost morale when holiday orders call for late nights and extra overtime.

Bonus: Happy employees post about your generosity on social media!

Genuinely Talk to Them

More than a morning hello while making coffee, ask about holiday travel plans. Many people go to see family in other states, use the extra days off for a long vacation or are excited to show off their Christmas card photoshoot with their cat. Genuine conversations are great for humanizing yourself as a boss in employees’ eyes, too.

Company Holiday Party

Having an event outside of work allows employees to mingle and create friendships that carry over to the good vibes in an office or warehouse. They’re also a great way to say thank you to your employees for all of the hard work they did they entire year. Every company has its own budget, so spouses and significant others are optional, but a great way to get to know your employees personally.

Create A Seasonal Tradition

Your seasonal tradition doesn’t have to be a major holiday party. It could be catered lunch the day before Thanksgiving, or having a Secret Santa gift exchange, or even a hot chocolate buffet one morning. A smaller event can add character to your company culture that increases employee retention.

Verbal Affirmation

As a boss, you may not regularly interact with everyone, so the holidays are the perfect opportunity to show how much you value every employee’s contributions. If you have an event, taking the time to shout out achievements to everybody can show that you care, and you really do notice the hard work they’re putting in.