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Veteran Business Funding

At Fundkite we love pets, who doesn’t? We have helped animal care providers all over the Country by providing funding for veterinarian services. In today’s veterinary world, customers expect gold standard service with the latest diagnostic equipment, surgical tools, medication, and treatments, all at an affordable cost. The increasing financial challenges of maintaining an independent vet practice are pushing many businesses to sell out to bigger corporations, a trend that is projected to grow over time. In such a competitive landscape with advancing equipment and rising medical regulations, many solo practitioners are avoiding the tightfisted banks and turning to alternative funding options for assistance. Funding for veterinarian services can help take some of the bite out of owning your own vet business by providing the capital boost you need to succeed.

That’s where Fundkite comes in. Fundkite’s experienced underwriting team makes our application process incredibly fast, and our boutique financing allows our staff to develop a plan an offer tailored to your business’s unique needs and growth goals. Most importantly, we believe in 100% transparency. Our experienced staff will walk you through every detail of your funding offer and answer any questions you may have. So take a look at what Fundkite can offer you and secure veterinarian services funding today.


Inventory costs are one of the biggest issues at any business. If you don’t have the cash on hand to stock your warehouse, secure veteran business funding from a trusted financial partner like Fundkite today. We’ll make sure that you have the products in stock that you need.


Don’t let the size of your current staff kneecap you. If you feel like you have the clients and revenue to get to the next phase of your business plan, use funding for veteran businesses from Fundkite to cover these costs and realize your dreams.


Your property can also be a hindrance to your growth. Depending on your industry, the current size of your location only allows you to service a certain number of clients and hire a certain number of employees. Renovating your property or purchasing more properties can help grow your revenue and expand your client base.


to help your veterans business succeed

1. Reach Out to Local Veteran Business Owners

Being a veteran business owner means being part of a community of people who have been through many of the same struggles that you have. Start searching for local veteran business owners in your community and see how you can work together to help both of your businesses succeed. Maybe consider organizing a monthly or quarterly meeting of veteran business owners in your area to discuss issues surrounding your companies.

3. Getting Real about Your Social Media Game

It’s no secret that social media is king when it comes to marketing these days. No matter your industry, developing a solid social media game is integral to boosting profits and securing clients. Veteran business funding from an alternative funding partner like Fundkite can help you hire a team of professionals to ensure that your presence on social media is top-notch. You can work on this yourself, of course, but if you want to get to the next level, there’s nothing like hiring an expert to make sure you are operating at your optimal potential.

2. Incorporating Your Brand & Your Story

These days, your services, products, and prices are just as important as the story of your success. And as a veteran business owner, you have a distinct narrative that can engage a wide audience if you tell it with style and consideration. Work with your team or a marketing company to brainstorm ways that you can incorporate your story of military service and entrepreneurial aspirations into your brand and your company’s origin story. Though it might sound like a lot of work, this can actually be a fun and creative project that will be rewarding in the end.

4. SEO is a Serious Matter

Like our advice for social media, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing reality that no business owner can afford to ignore. SEO allows you to tweak the content on your website so it shows up in the top search results when someone Googles your industry. Finding for veteran businesses from Fundkite can give you the capital you need to hire a professional who will make sure that you rank at the top of the Google search results page. Don’t let your lack of capital slow you down, secure financing today.

how do I grow from my veterans business Funding?

– Our Handpicked Tips for Growth

Organize a Veteran Business Owners Event

Ever thought that your business could double as an event space? Why not. If you followed our first piece of advice above and have already gotten to know several veteran business owners in your neighborhood, why not see if they want to put on some kind of event to shed light on all of your accomplishments. Or you could organize a monthly meeting of veteran business owners who meet regularly to discuss concerns that you may have about the state of business in your area. Getting involved in your community can go a long way in developing loyal clientele.

Distribute Regular Email Newsletters

Customers want to see what you’re up to and distributing regular newsletters via email is a fun and efficient way to do just that. Gather funny anecdotes, engaging pictures, helpful advice, or brag about a new promotion. Your customers will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to reach out to them, and your newsletters will keep your business on their minds. Veteran business funding from Fundkite can cover these costs and help build your customer base today.

Geo-target Your Intended Audience

Geo-targeting is an incredibly efficient way to reach potential customers. When you implement geo-targeted marketing to distribute your advertisements, you’re using the geographic location and recent searches of customers to narrow down your audience. You can do this by zip code, county, town, or city. For instance, if you’re a cleaning company and you want to target office buildings in the business district, you can set that as your coordinates and people in that vicinity searching for cleaning companies will see your ad. This saves you money, time, and stress when it comes to marketing.

100% Transparency

Our alternative funding will provide you with working capital that considers your business’s particular financial requirements and goals. Our experienced staff takes transparency very seriously and will provide you with direct answers to any questions you may have.  Our Revenue Purchase Agreement is straightforward with funding amount and fees found easily on the first page.

Easy to Qualify

Our in-house underwriters are passionate about getting you the funds you need to grow your business. That’s why we don’t look at your credit score alone, we consider more comprehensive aspects of your business which reflect on the health of your operations. Our staff is passionate about helping your business succeed—the last thing we want is to impede your progress.


We understand how timing is everything when it comes to acquiring capital for your business. Receiving the funds you need three months from now might be too late. That’s why FundKite prides ourselves in putting cash into your hands as quickly as possible. Qualified applicants can receive funding in as soon as 24 hours.

We back small businesses

Here at Fundkite, we believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of every community across this country. Our passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed is what motivates us to get out of bed every morning, and the joy we receive from watching our funding partners succeed is immeasurable. Let Fundkite back your business today and make sure that you have a leg up on the competition.


UP to $2,000,000



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