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Expanding Portfolios

Short term property rentals are taking off and properties in prime locations are scooped up almost overnight. Our clients in the real estate business are able to get the properties they want much quicker than their competitors.

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Hopefully remodeling for alluring upgrades and amenities was by choice, but damages happen. Sometimes renters with a 5 star rating have guests with a zero. In case the impromptu party at your place got a little out of hand, funding can be used to get your rental back on the market ASAP, no more waiting indefinitely for insurance money.

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Make your rental stand out from the other listings in your area and attract those who didn’t know your cozy abode existed with online and print marketing! Once a renter falls in love with your space, they will surely be repeat customers. 

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Buying real estate is the first step, furnishing it to compete with nearby rentals is the second. Get your property on the short term rental market ASAP with funded furniture!

Do You Need Funding For Your Business?
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Property management offers many entrepreneurial benefits, but has its own unique set of industry challenges (and fees, let’s not forget the never ending legal, management and listing fees). Holiday rushes are great for a frequent and predictable income, but seasonal peaks mean extra laundering, cleaning services and restocking for an increase in traffic, not to mention extra sleep space and likely replacing lost/stolen/damaged items. In case of a damage, irresponsible guests or destructive pets, insurance can take weeks sometimes months to get reimbursement to your bank account, delaying your property from getting up and running again. As any entrepreneur knows, making your income isn’t just about getting by, it’s about growth. Growth as a property manager just so happens to mean financing large investments on short term rentals. With FundKite, you can get a competitive edge on nearby listings and grow your rental portfolio into a major profit source.

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Apply Online – Submit your application here, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Speak with a Funding Specialist – Our underwriters review your application and look at the company’s monthly revenue and overall health to find a responsible funding plan that fits its needs. Then, a funding specialists talks to you about what option works best.

See the Money – Once approved, we need final paperwork. When we get that back, you can see the money in your account in as little as 72 hours.

100% Transparency

Our professionals use clear and approachable language to explain all of the intricacies and policies of our small business funding. You know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it. Now that’s transparency!

Fast Funding

Get approval in a matter of hours and see the money in your account as fast as one day later. We are committed to helping small businesses achieve long term goals and we want to see entrepreneurs get their businesses where they want them to be.

Easy to Qualify

At Fundkite, you will be speaking with people who are already interested in helping you grow and evolve your business. That’s why don’t just look at your credit score, we look at other characteristics which reflect the health of your business.

We Back Small Businesses

We are passionate about small businesses because we know you make up 75% of the economy. Financing is the major issue facing small businesses today and that’s where we come in. We celebrate your performance, not your credit score.

FUNDING OPTIONS FROM $100,000 TO $2,000,000

FundKite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

We know that you are a whole lot more than your credit score, which is why we consider the bigger picture.

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