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Staff Needs

Hiring new staff members for any medical profession is never cheap. Get them paid and properly trained without having to wait on insurance and invoices.

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Equipment and Supplies

To fall ill is human. As the flow of patients constantly comes in, your business needs to be there with the best, most recent, and often most expensive equipment. As if advanced machinery weren’t enough, the cost of rubber gloves and cotton balls these days!

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Expansion and Remodeling

Whether it’s for additional sales space, another storefront, updated equipment or remodeling for a refreshed look, growing retailers need a location that matches their trajectory.

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Spending extra cash to advertise and attract new clients now can pay off for years to come.

Do You Need Funding For Your Medical Offices?
100% Transparent Funding Up To $2,000,000

Let’s get down to the heart of the matter. Your medical business needs extra funding to keep operations running at its most efficient levels. It’s no secret that equipment to heal others is painfully expensive, and constant scientific advancements only expedite the need to get updated tools and machines. Be it a small or large business, FundKite provides working capital to all specialties in the medical industry, including but not limited to general practitioners, dental, optometry, and home care. Our clients in the medical and health care fields are using FundKite alternative funding to increase their inventory, meet payroll needs, aid in expansion, and boost their advertising. FundKite coughs up the cash, and you use that money to strengthen your business. It’s that simple.

By choosing FundKite as your alternative funder, you’re not just getting affordable capital, you’re building a long term relationship for financial success. We believe in 100% transparency and will explain everything about your plan, down to the fixed terms and automated payments. The application is free and simple, so you’ve got nothing to lose! FundKite’s in-house underwriting team makes the qualification process fast, not to mention customized. No two businesses are the same so why should your financing plans be? With our boutique funding style, you can get a personalized plan tailored to fit your business’s unique needs and growth goals. Because we are staffed with an experienced in-house team, we’re able to offer flexible options and live price changes to companies that don’t qualify for traditional bank loans.

Apply For Funding Today
Get Pre Approved For Up To $2,000,000

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Apply Online – Submit your application here, it takes less than 5 minutes.

Speak with a Funding Specialist – Our underwriters review your application and look at the company’s monthly revenue and overall health to find a responsible funding plan that fits its needs. Then, a funding specialists talks to you about what option works best.

See the Money – Once approved, we need final paperwork. When we get that back, you can see the money in your account in as little as 72 hours.

100% Transparency

Our professionals use clear and approachable language to explain all of the intricacies and policies of our small business funding. You know exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it. Now that’s transparency!

Easy to Qualify

At Fundkite, you will be speaking with people who are already interested in helping you grow and evolve your business. That’s why don’t just look at your credit score, we look at other characteristics which reflect the health of your business.

Fast Funding

Get approval in a matter of hours and see the money in your account as fast as one day later. We are committed to helping small businesses achieve long term goals and we want to see entrepreneurs get their businesses where they want them to be.

We Back Small Businesses

We are passionate about small businesses because we know you make up 75% of the economy. Financing is the major issue facing small businesses today and that’s where we come in. We celebrate your performance, not your credit score.

FUNDING OPTIONS FROM $100,000 TO $2,000,000

FundKite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.

We know that you are a whole lot more than your credit score, which is why we consider the bigger picture.

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