How Flexible is FundKite? FundKite prides itself on being flexible and accommodating to business owners who need funding. We achieve this through our boutique funding style, tailoring each deal to fit our clients’ individual financial needs with real, live underwriters, not pricing software like other companies. We have the resources of a big company, but offer the attention of a small company, which is why so many of our customers return to us when they need extra cash flow again. So just how flexible is FundKite?


Our inhouse underwriters and communicative ISO relations team offer real time repricing. You can always contact us if you feel that the deal we offered is not what you were looking for and you would like it repriced. If you have another offer, we’ll try our best to beat it, whether that’s term length, dollar amount, or rate.

Add On

We do add ons for both consolidation and reverse consolidation deals. This means if a business receives $500,000 in reverse consolidation funding and wishes to have an additional $100,000 added on for extra cash flow, we can evaluate the company’s revenue flow to add on more funding to their deal. We can do an add on at the time of or several weeks or months after the consolidation deal is processed.


FundKite offers renewals on any deal, be it standard funding, consolidation or reverse consolidation. Once you establish a good payment history with us, it’s easy to get a renewal or to ask for additional funding a few months into your current deal with us.

Up to 6 Positions

FundKite funds up to 6 positions, meaning you can have 5 out already and we can provide you with the 6th. We can consolidate up to 5 positions, and even allow the merchant to net additional capital.


FundKite prides itself on operating with honesty and responsibility in the financing industry. We give our clients the best deals possible without over extending them, overcharging what a merchant can pay back, or creating an irresponsibly high risk deal. While we always work our hardest to get business owners the working capital they need, our number one priority is a deal that is safe, honest and fair.

Apply today and see the kind of business growth we can achieve together!