FundKite is spotlighting: Overnight Printing Seattle!

Overnight Printing Seattle, located in the Greater Seattle Area, is a small business dedicated to serving its community. The company has been open since 1984, but came under the direction of current owner Yong Seo in 2017.

Since his leadership began, Seo has funded his small business with FundKite several times for his supply, inventory and equipment needs.

Overnight Printing Seattle is a mass print production and mailing services company. They are a full service shop providing print solutions for their clients. Examples include promotional bookmarks, political posters, advertising campaign mail outs, etc. Sometimes these events have a very short turnaround, and part of Overnight Printing Seattle’s awesome reputation comes from their ability to meet these tight deadlines and still maintain excellent quality and customer service.

When working in an industry that must often accommodate short notice, it is critical that the company has all of the supplies it might possibly need on hand. By using outside funding to buy printing paper and other inventory in bulk, the company can save extra with large order discounts. The speed with which FundKite can transfer the funds is also key for OPS to be able to meet their customers’ demands.

As a community business that also serves across the country, Overnight Printing Seattle offers a variety of services: printing, finishing, mailing, design, pickup and delivery. The company also sells professional equipment so their clients can invest in the ability to print their materials on their own if their needs require such large volumes.

Overnight Printing Seattle is one of the few International Minority Union Businesses left in Washington. Their vision is to become a nationwide leader of printing services to businesses and individuals. With growth always on their business plan, FundKite is happy to repeatedly partner with the company for all of their working capital needs.

As for working with FundKite as a long-term partner for their short term funding needs, Yong Seo has to say on Trustpilot:

“As a new business owner in the Seattle SODO neighborhood I have been able to team up with some incredible business people! This is why I decided to write a review about FundKite. The partnership that we are developing has bee mutually beneficial. They are responsive to my needs and always call or email me back regarding my questions or business dealing. With other companies they usually don’t want to work with you on accomplishing your goals but that isn’t the case with FundKite. Their immediate responses and ownership of responsibilities makes for a great working relationship!”


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