FundKite offers extensive funding solutions to small businesses across a variety of industries. Our extensive experience in many industries enables us to truly understand your business needs so we can provide creative, innovative funding solutions to stimulate growth in both the short and long term.

Denied Business Funding?

If your small or medium-sized business has been denied funding in a traditional form such as a small-business loan from a bank, you are not alone. The majority of small businesses tend to have less-than-perfect credit–and, moreover, large banking institutions tend to be reluctant to finance even the most stable of small businesses. This has

8 Ways to Invest in Online Presence

If your small business is ready to invest and expand, the online world may be the perfect place to do so. It is no secret that the internet becomes an increasingly important part of the economy each and every year; however, many small businesses fail to invest in and develop the internet infrastructure needed to drive