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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing 2 scaled

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing

The internet has been around for over two decades, and yet it is still a mystery of constantly evolving algorithms and search engines. Once mastered, the world wide web can be a key tool for attracting customers around the globe and growing your business. The best way to attract website traffic and increase sales is

Airbnb Innovation Grit Paying Off 2

Airbnb: Innovation & Grit Paying Off

If you had a dream for a business idea, how many years could you unsuccessfully push to make it happen without giving up? The founders of Airbnb believed in their vision for two years, living with maxed out credit card debt and bootstrapping everything they had, until their business finally started to generate revenue. From

How To Deal With Rejection In Sales 1 scaled

How To Deal With Rejection In Sales

Ah, cold calling. The necessary evil of business. Sales people often get a bad rep, some deserved, some not. For the good guys out there just trying to sell an honest product, make a living and maybe support their family, it can be discouraging when a sales call reaches a less-than-understanding merchant. But that’s part

Square A Small Business Payment Solution 2

Square: A Small Business Payment Solution

Cheap and innovative technology = more power to small businesses! The much needed  Square application was developed as a solution to a frustration that had previously been hindering small business owners for several years into the digital age. Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, used his tech-visionary expertise to develop Square in 2009 when his friend Jim McKelvey

GrubHub Merging Tech Necessity and Luxury 5

GrubHub: Merging Tech, Necessity and Luxury

Technology is expanding beyond alleviating the struggle to meet our basic human needs and entering the realm of purely luxury enhancements. Companies like GrubHub are leading the front lines in the tech world of ultimate convenience by taking next day delivery promises and raising it to food delivery within 60 minutes, sometimes even to the front door