FundKite offers extensive funding solutions to small businesses across a variety of industries. Our extensive experience in many industries enables us to truly understand your business needs so we can provide creative, innovative funding solutions to stimulate growth in both the short and long term.

What Is Working Capital?

Even the most successful businesses struggle to keep up with daily operational costs while seeking sustainability and growth, both of which require working capital. Working capital is essential to successfully evolve and maintain a business. Owners need enough working capital to account for emergencies, cash outflows, and opportunities when they arise. Whether it’s expansion, seasonal

How Flexible is FundKite?

How Flexible is FundKite? FundKite prides itself on being flexible and accommodating to business owners who need funding. We achieve this through our boutique funding style, tailoring each deal to fit our clients’ individual financial needs with real, live underwriters, not pricing software like other companies. We have the resources of a big company, but offer