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The Best Finance Memes

The Best Finance Memes

Bankers, accountants and funding specialists have an undeserved reputation for being dry and humorless. That is completely false, as shown by these A+ finance memes currently circulating around the internet. Know of any finance memes not shown below? Tell us in the comments below!

How The Alternative Lending Industry Began 1 scaled

How The Alternative Lending Industry Began

The alternative lending industry stupefies many business owners just beginning their search for funding. Part of the confusion comes from the industry’s polyonymous history and similar but shady associated industries. Alternative forms of money lending that were once referred to as payday loans, cash advances, merchant cash advance (MCA), and more, are now finding their

Groupon Start Ups and Enormous Growth 2

Groupon: Start Ups and Enormous Growth

Making a business out of saving people money? That sounds easy, almost too easy… Andrew Mason, a music major from Northwestern, is accredited with the brains behind Groupon, now a major name in the online retail world. And yet they don’t sell any physical products? It started with The Point, a Chicago based website formed

What Is Working Capital 2 scaled

What Is Working Capital?

Even the most successful businesses struggle to keep up with daily operational costs while seeking sustainability and growth, both of which require working capital. Working capital is essential to successfully evolve and maintain a business. Owners need enough working capital to account for emergencies, cash outflows, and opportunities when they arise. Whether it’s expansion, seasonal