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Why Restaurants Use Funding

Let’s be real, your tip jar isn’t going to get your restaurant to its next milestone, no matter how many times you provide service with a smile. That’s why so many small, medium and large food service industry businesses are seeking additional financing to meet their working capital needs and take their eatery to the

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6 Creative Marketing Ideas in 2019

If you’re still using last year’s marketing plan, you’re behind. In fact, if you’re still following this year’s marketing trends, you’re behind. The key to a successful marketing plan is staying ahead of competitors. You do this by leading the charge into innovative platforms and devices, thinking of enticing products before anyone else, and building

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WeWork: From Me to We

WeWork operates on two key mottos: Do what you love. Make a life, not just a living. The company’s ability to preach and practice this work-life balance is really resonating with millennials and the community first movement, and therefore investors looking for the next Silicon Valley Unicorn, too. @WeWork is revolutionizing the workplace. Since its

CTO Of FundKite Alex Shvarts Accepted Into Forbes Technology Council

We are excited to announce our CTO, Alex Shvarts, has been accepted into the invitation-only Forbes Technology Council. He will regularly contribute articles to the thought leading forum alongside fellow technology executives from around the world. The Forbes Technology Council features like-minded CTOs and business executives sharing their expertise on industry practices and business tips.