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Holiday Seasonal Business Funding

Retail, transportation, and manufacturing are the top industries looking for holiday seasonal business funding. They’re not the only ones affected, though. Restaurants, entertainment and hospitality also see a surge in sales from the mobility and open-wallet-spirit of consumers during the holiday months.  Just like summer seasonal businesses, the winter seasonal businesses need an injection of

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2019 Cyber Monday Tips For Sellers

Is Cyber Monday the new Black (Friday)? Research shows that an increasing number of shoppers are preferring to avoid the foot traffic and do the majority of their shopping online. Hellooo free shipping. By just 10 a.m on Cyber Monday 2017, customers had already bought nearly a billion dollars’ worth of goods online. (CNBC) Shopify

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Studies Show Dog Friendly Offices Boost Business

Studies show dog-friendly offices boost business. In fact, nearly every study involving dogs in offices reports increased productivity, happiness, and retention rates.  Contemplating allowing fluffy companions into your workspace? Building a case to show your boss? The results are in: dogs in the office create a better work environment. Here is the science behind it,

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UX Design Checklist

So you’re creating a website with using UX design checklist. Or maybe you’re hiring someone to do it, but you want to understand what it all means.  UX Design is a form of marketing and sales, but with more technical aspects of coding and designing a website. This is often used interchangeably with UI design,

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5 Tips For Leading A Diverse Team

As a boss leading a diverse team, you will likely come to notice that each department has its own personality, and when those personalities interact, relationship problems can arise. A diverse work group is a natural part of having a larger business.  Often there is a pattern; the creatives tend to act a certain way